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1 Apr 2010

House of 3

When I taught out in Italy, I had the pleasure of meeting Heidi again. I love her style and I love her products - namely House of 3; which she runs in conjunction with Rhonna Farrer and Janet Hopkins.

Hybrid is one of my absolute favourites right now which is why I brought out a cardmaking CD for crafters myself (those who would listen and watch - be warned.... I was sending out evil hybrid conversion signals unbeknownst to you!). I feel like I'm on a hybrid crusade; I hope it gathers momentum!

Aaaaaaaanyway, Heids (I can call her that, Ive sat next to her at dinner - therefore we are almost sisters) has allowed me to sample the new Spring Junque range designed by petit Rhonna for a magazine project and whilst I was busy at it, I also made this bunting for ellies fancy schmancy bead head thingy today:

Ellie is in love with it - she can't stop admiring it. To me, that's pure magic and whilst I was enjoying the making up process, I also loved that she got overly excited after I had strung it up for her - and hours later, she is still thanking me!

The bunting spells out Ellies name in lovely glittery stickers from Making memories (almost 2000 years ago, it feels!). Do you like the crepe roses on the bunting? I added those touches to draw a whole vintage feel to it and I thought Id share the make up process with you on this little youtube vid

Im going to make a mini with the 12x12 paper range from the kit (reducing it to 6x6) and share that soon. You must go and see the entire House of 3 catalogue, its just too cute to leave on a screen - printing and cutting out frees the pixels, dudes.


Bettyann said...

Love that Ellie loves the banner/ the video...have a great week-end with your family...great haircut..

Helen said...

Thank you for a another brillaint tutorial - I now need to get some crepe paper which I have always loathed until now!!!!!

I have some large flat pearls, not as big as yours I don't think, but I think they will be suitable for this project - they were from Paper Cellar and I buy them whenever I see a them(99p a pack)

Dolly said...

This is brilliant, thank you. I'm off to search for my crepe paper! :)xx

Helsbells said...

Oh I love these, such a wonderful vintage feel. Thankyou so much for sharing. This is soooo my style at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Ellies room looks like it was papered in cordinations 12 x 12 papers...mustve cost a fortune!!!!!
love the bunting-SO gonna copy it!
love to the curlygirl,
Lulubelle x

Dolly said...

Good range of flat back pearls here

The largest are 5mm. :)xx

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to House of 3, I've just finished my first proper paper project, and now have lovely bunting spelling 'happy' hanging in my hall. I think i probably love it as much as Ellie! Ray x

Terrie B x said...


Kirsteen said...

Ellie's room looks like it is papered with Bazzill ;o) Love that Ellie loves the lovely bunting x