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4 Mar 2010

whoa - lots of projects....LOTS

Yesterdays show would not have been possible without the extra talents of these girls cards/paper projects below. Please celebrate their greatness with me as their work shines on this lovely web page - just for them. There are just over 80 pictures to devour, all using the papers from my CD :) If you click on their names, it will take you to their blogs so you can devour more of their work.

Lynda Morland

Sarah Youde

A cute tooth fairy envelope - love it!
Mini note book covers
Janey Pye

Jo Kill

Rosie Guthrie

Justine Burgess

My mum - Hazel Kinroy and Carol Bacon

Isnt that a work of art.......(below)

Louisa Maclean
This card conceals a nail file - the template is on the Cd to make nail file holders

My projects
I scrapped with my papers!
There are 3 dress up dollies on the CD, like the one below
You can print this ready made bunting out from one sheet of paper!
A petal pod!
This daisy template is on the Cd too!
The mini envelope template is on the cd, to make cute little cards for quick makes

Thank you for looking and thank you for watching, if you managed to catch the show :)


Ami said...

that is a ton of awesome work! thanks for sharing!! I am at work and am dying to get home and craft!!!

Anonymous said...

What talented crafters you know.... All beautiful. Would like to say there is a favourite, but there isn't! They're all great. When I have more time I will be linking over to their blogs. Thanks for sharing. HeyJude!x

Dolly said...

Fabulous stuff! SO inspiring! :)x

hello gorgeous said...

hey gorgeous, these are STUNNING cards made with fabulous elements! Well done to you and the crafters! ;o)

LOVE you went with the dress up doll idea.....what girl would pass up a bit of dressing up!

I LOVE the colours used in this CD and can't wait to see what you produce for your next! lol!

I know, I know....a bit of a breather first! haha!


hello gorgeous xxx

Pat said...

Fab work everyone, and I loved the show Kirsty x

Anonymous said...

I thought you did a great job the other day after I finally found you from flicking through my sky list!

I am not into CD Roms but I caved in when I saw a few of the collections, so you did good to convince me!

Debo said...

AMAZING work by your ladies!

The designs are beautiful and you were excellent on C&C!

Can't wait for more!!!!

Lynda said...

OMG Kirsty what wonderful photographs of the cards - you've done us proud there!

Love Lynda xxx

Deborah said...

Fantastic projects. Am not usually a CD person, but I am now most definitely tempted, gosh darnit. :)

Rosie (Freycob) said...

What a talented bunch of ladies you have supporting you hun.

As one of your privileged team, I have to say a BIG THANK YOU for letting me play with such a wonderful CD.

If you out there haven't bought it, then you must - it's awsome! Graphics, content, quality - all 100%


Anonymous said...

Just watched the show today Kirsty, and it inspired me to buy your CD. The designs are gorgeous and just my style.

Rozz x

Adele said...

lovely cards and so pleased you put them on here as I only managed to record the second part of the show. Can't wait to get my CD now and make one or two....mmm could I stop there????

Your crafty crew are very talented as are you.

Liz said...

Some awesome creations with some beautiful papers. Thanks for sharing both, they are amazing. Sorry I missed the show.

Fabrizio said...

Wow gorgeous samples ! I've got Kirsty first CD but I'm tempted with the other two ! :)