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17 Mar 2010

Tonights after bath convo

Belle: I love you
Me: I love you more
Belle: Impossible. I love you times all the blades of grass and all the grains of sand.
Me: I love you more than that
Belle: thinking hard I love you more than all the leaves that has ever been, all the air molecules (Cool thinkage, girl!), more than all the blood vessels and all the plankton.
Me: I love you more than that plus 1
Belle: laughing I love you more than all the times people have blinked and said words (including all the letters) and the clouds and all the stars and all the raindrops and all the planets and all the miles and all the sheep.
Me: I love you more than that times 2
Belle: really laughing hard Mum, I love you more than that times infinity, but don't tell dad.

Now when infinity is mentioned in our declaration of love, it usually means the end and that person wins because that is the top amount of love, ever. But no, Ellie continues (and Im trying really hard to remember all her quotes)........

Belle: In fact I love you more than all the dust particles, all the grit, all the herbs, all the pepper grains, all the breaths anyone (ever) has been taken, all the threads in clothing, all the bits on the floor, all the rubbish in the bin, all the food in all the shops including the vegetables (yuk, I hate sprouts, lets not count the sprouts...she says as she laughs really hard), all the cars, all the people and future people and all their amoeba and all their cells time infinity times infinity times infinity. I love you mostest.
Me: aaaah but Ellie, whatever you say, I will always love you the same plus 1
Belle: Groaning, ok you win. Can I have a cup of coffee?

I win. And the prize? Eternal love.


Bettyann said...

oh so sweet, esp garbage cans and brussel daughter who lives 19 hrs drive in calgary, says xxxxxxxxx mega it..

Anonymous said...

that is so lovely to read my son and i do that but hes only 5 so ours normally consists of love you all the money in the world love you all the tea in china lol its so lovely then ends with love you more then he says love you 617227 pounds lol xxx

Clarky J said...

Think that beats mine to my Mum - I love you 100 jelly tots! I was 4 at the time LOL - Priceless is eternal love x

hello gorgeous said...

awww, I've just melted :o)


hello gorgeous xxx

Sam said...

That is SOOO sweet!!

Anonymous said...

oh that was so sweet, my sun used to say he loved me to the moon and back a million times and that is far!.... not quite as imaginative,as grains of love caroline,xx

Kazzy said...

Aw, I've just gone all mushy! She's such a sweetie. It's great being a mum x

Marlene said...

Awww....that is so sweet!

Mary Jo said...

that is the most adorable conversation and so fantastic that you have it documented ;)

Julie Overby said...

Super sweet! We've only been to the moon and the ends of the universe. We haven't gone to the grains in the sand yet...hee hee...I might win on this next one too! LOL

Val Rich said...

You have a very special daughter.

Love Val Rich

jennier holden said...

oh gosh we play that game and it always ends the same - i win because of "plus ones". ps love your blog xx

Debo said...

That's beautiful!

We have -
love you..
love you too..
love you 3..
love you 4..
love you more...
then we both shout more, more, more, more, more....each trying to say it louder and more times than the other!

Well, she is 18 now, so obviously we are so much more grown up about it;)

Zoe said...

Awww that's lovely!

Lauren and I have a similar conversation that goes along the lines of 'I love you to the moon and stars and back again a million trillion times...' etc etc

'Grandad's star' always featuring in Lauren's declaration.

Dylan said...

aww me and Our Emmi are like that, except it is all done on text and she is 22..!!! dont ever stop XXX

Hullabaloo said...

You are a lucky lady and blessed with a beautiful child - in all senses of the word!

Max used " yes well I love you infinity times infinity and double it!" once! When he was really small he told me he loved mt to infinity and beyond! Gotta love it when they start quoting Buzz!

Anonymous said...

oh my how very very lovely. I have never heard your sweet girl's voice...but I swear, I could hear her there....
many hugs, Beth Ann

Darcy said...

oh god Kirsty, you have to print that out and scrap it, or do a journal page on it.