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22 Mar 2010

Sweet, pretty projects

As promised I am sharing the additional makes to the Create and Craft airing that I had on the 3rd March. You can see the initial line of projects HERE but below are the new and exciting paper projects to compliment the cards.

These were created using the papers from the CD. I wanted to bring paper projects to the show in addition to cards to stretch the use of your CD Rom. The average cardmaker makes 20 cards a year for their family (discounting christmas). Once they have made that many cards, they might make a few for recreational or design team purposes. So when you end up with a rack of CD Roms you are going to be wanting to find new things to make with your papers - not just cards! Its time to be a paper engineer as well as a cardmaker...........hmmmm, well, I hope so.

Now, the templates for some of these are awaiting a commercial licence to go on my next CD so you will have to wait a teeny wee while to lay your mitts on them. The templates are not on The Colour Burst of Fanciful Things CD and we stipulated that on air. But because the papers have a designer feel, I wanted to showcase just what you can do with the papers to maximise their use and show them off in the best light. And due to the response to the projects that were made, it has given me food for thought for the next CD - lots of exciting templates to suit many an occasion.

Terrie Bailey also provided some fresh projects for the show - loves, love, love them.....

Mini mini card and mini mini envelope
I have made a video but Ill be bummed if I know how to join them still working on that. Its a lovely project based on pop-outs which is a new love of mine for cardmaking right now. Please bare with me, I know I promised that yest.

So on to today.
We really needed to get out as a family. Work commitments, family visits and weather has prevented us from venturing to the coast. At 4pm we set off later than usual but to beat the "coming home traffic" and crowded streets was a really good idea. The promenade was all but ours and the roads were congestion free. We have decided to come to the coast more often at this time! Here are some pics from our afternoon which resulted in a pizza Hut takeaway by the sea - mlam!

Modern, curvy railings

Me and my girl. Ive hardly any pics of us together so Im glad when Mark gets behind the camera. Isnt she a little doll?

Hmmm, still obsessed with those curvy railings!

My fave pic of the day - Ellie set against a stormy sky

Don't like the look of those cumulus nimbus (or whatever!)

My crew

Lovely driftwood

Me, waving in the rippled sand puddle reflection

Sandcastles, sadly trodden on my Eddy the crazy sausage dog, about 3 seconds later

Doesn't Southport have a v v v trendy pier?

My love and my life

Its rare to get open eye and giggling shots at the same time. She was laughing at Eddy chasing mark on the sand.

Perfect day. Now need perfect sleep.
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Anonymous said...

Lovely projects; don't normally buy CD's but I feel and "Exception" on the horizon! :-D Beautiful girl. And I'll say it again - I really wish I had the vision that you do for photographs..... HeyJude! xx

hello gorgeous said...

Fab projects hon...the possibilities are endless! ;o)

Absolutely LOVE the beach front pics....crave being by it SO much it hurts at times..... :o( Love the driftwood and sandcastle shots :o) (and the curvy railings and pier!)

have a fabby crafty-filled peaceful kinda day.....


hello gorgeous xxx

Pat said...

Love the projects Kirsty, all beautiful!
Fab photos. Love the sea, and lucky enough to live near it, never tire of it x

Bettyann said...

Marvelous projects...glad you had a great family time..Ellie is growing up before our eyes..take care..and keep thinking up those fab designs..

Lisa Hemmings said...

Beautiful piccie of you and your Belle..... you look so proud, and Belle looks so lovely smiling.
You can't beat family time can you?
Lisa xx

Joy said...

Can't wait for that template CD. It looks amazing. Great photos.

helen miles said...

fab show missus! the examples are blinking gorge.

i had the same issues merging clips on imovie, i dunno if it helps but you need to 'share' the movie, which saves all the clips as one file, then you import it back in and fluff around with it.

well, it worked for me! will keeps an eye out for the vid!

Annette said...

What wonderful examples of what to make - thanks for sharing.

Lovely photos too - what a fabulous young lady you have.

Helena said...

Lovely photo's (as always!!)
Nice to see Eddy, too :)

clare said...

Gorgeous love those baby shoes..soooo cute!

WOW..loving the pic's of you all at the beach today..lucky the weather held off for you..its been non stop rain here today..loving the pic's of Ellie..looks like she had a fab time!
TFS Hugs to you all Clare xx


fab projects fab pics!!


Anonymous said...

super job!!!

Suzie Blu

Colette said...

Gorgeous projects, I love what other people do with cd's. I seem to come to a creative standstill when I use them, don't know why.

Gorgeous photo of you and Ellie btw,


Anonymous said...

I ... Just relished catching up on your blogs.
You... Cheer up a cloudy day.
We ... Share a common trait of cooking with a passion and no doubt eating in the style of the starving.
Hope... Your trip to Italy is the bomb!

Anonymous said...

love all your work kirsty you are soooo fab.

Tip Top said...

Ah, not been to Southport for a while and we like it bestest when we park on the sands!!

Marina said...

What great photos, looked like you had a great time. I love looking at your blog it really cheers me up I wish I had kept mine up but I spend so much time looking at others I never have time. Your projects inspire me. Have a good day. Marina xx

Lizzie said...

Love the paper projects - such fun!

Those photos of the seaside trip are ace. It's great to see Ellie looking so healthy and happy (and you too!!)

cannycrafter said...

Southport! My mum was from there so we hoilday'd with grandma and never once saw the sea!! Lol! Well that's my childhood memory!! It never reached the end of the pier!!