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16 Mar 2010

Studio Calico Winners

These two lucky ladies win a kit each.

Heather at
Lynn at

Please email me your addresses and Il get them out to you!

Just quick post today because Im on a mission again in readiness for Saturdays create and craft show at midday. Whilst C&C insist on me creating cards for on air demo's, I still want to create other paper projects like bags and note books and tags to try and appeal to a larger market when they showcase the papers from the CD. The things you can make with paper needn't stop at cards so Im trying so hard to conjure up a whole host of paper projects because the average cardmaker needs another hobby as well!

If you can think of any non-cardy paper projects, let me hear them!


Heather said...

woo hoo. Many thanks Kirsty. Have sent you a message through Facebook xx

Brodders said...

How about making a few pin wheels stood in a jug ? or flowers in a plant pot. Not sure whether this is what you have in mind ?

Anonymous said...

what about the origami box ( think papertrey made it famous) I have made one with your cupcake papers and it looks fab
Jo x

CleverCrafter said...

I think home decor stuff goes down well, covered photoframes, large letters to wall mount, as Jo said big flowers, covered tins as pen pots, you can get coasters etc that you ppo the design in, but pasted behind a clear glass one would work for effect. Could you print designs off on ironable transfer paper and spruce up a plain cushion etc?

Sorry getting carreid away now!!

CleverCrafter said...

Oh and what about getting a paper cupcake template and making a few
3D cupcakes on a little stand??

Jo E said...

How about invitations to parties, kids party hats, pins with birthday numbers on to stick into cup cakes, party decorations, banners and the like. If the cardmakers are making cards then why not extend into items for the party itself.

Can you tell I held a 5th birthday party last week!!

Sharon Speakman said...

Also make a bunting with the childs name like 'ISABELLE' very Cath Kidston homage which can be displayed in the childs bedroom. Also creating large letters which can stand alone on display on your work tops, spelling out 'HOME', 'LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE'. The like of which are for sale in next, laura ashley, etc.
What about a recipe box or recipe folder with the vintage, chic inspiration.

Bettyann said...

Boxes, party favors, love pinwheels...have fun

Lynn said...

Thanks, I've e-mailed you ... + some non-cardy ideas.

Lynn x