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6 Mar 2010

The pully outty oooji-ma-flip booky thingy

I had several people ask me to explain the little booky thing i demo'd on C&C so I made a quick video to show you.
Its not my invention but its a lovely, effective way to showcase photos/papers/artwork in a small or large book - or even a surprise in a card inside a card.
I only made it mini (and quick, demo time is precious on air!) so it looks teeny and cute....but of course you can make it as big as your card stock allows.


Bettyann said...

Kristy you make it look so stinkin easy..but can you come over and hold my hand I'll probably do it wrong side-up LOL..This is the first time I have heard your voice asnd I think I'm "in Love" beautiful, soft voice...take care show us more !!!

Anonymous said...

Oooo. You use my language - pully outty oooji-ma-flip!!!! Loving the video and love the pully outty... book. Going to have a try at some of these when I get some "me" time - the book not the video :-D. Vidoes I leave for people who know what they are doing. Thanks Kirsty. HeyJude! x

Kirsty Wiseman said...

how many times do I say ok? Gah, its killing me!

Sam said...

look make those look SOOOOO easy!!! me's thinkin' Mother's Day pressies!! (bet I make it hard work tho!!)
thanks Kirsty! xx

Pat said...

Thanks for the demo, off to make one right now! x

Anonymous said...

It's a squishy or a squash book! (At least thats what the person who showed me how to make them called them :D)
Ive made them before but on a bigger scale with photos inside.
Ive never seen one so small. Its adorable!

Carolynne H said...

Its a squash book Kirsty!!! I demod these last month at a scrapping class using 8X8" papers and scrapping... I love the lickle dinky version though! Sooo stinkin cute! Thinking of unpacking my craft stuff today as its raining here.... Stuff the other boxes with important things like food in them, I NEED TO CRAFT!!!.... I wish I could have seen you on C&C TV. Any chance of it getting on youtube??? Nudge nudge, wink wink, hint hint!... Luvs ya.... Carolynne H.

Lisa Hemmings said...

Thank you! I made one.... a bit bigger than this one.
I used the gorgeous papers off of your new CD too.
Just need to embellish it, then I'm done.
I made a couple of the cards too... thank you for sharing them
Lisa xx

Jackie said...

Hi Kirsty, love the vid. I've always called the little books Squash Books and they work brilliantly as a gift at 8 x 8"