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10 Mar 2010

Protection is key

Protection. Hmmmmm. Its an issue with Apple stuff. They make everything so super sleek and shiny only for it to be scratched to thorny scratchiness within days of ownership. Like I said yest, I got me an iPhone. The one they sent is actually going back. Its just too small for the amount of garb Im going to be stuffing on it, so Im selling my old phone and iPod to pay for a 32gb - Im always robbing peter to pay paul! That said, I have played with it to check out its potential and so far, the investigation is proving fruitful. Ive asked thousands of questions on Eff Book and Twitsville and I'm surprised how many people have them and what lovely advice they have given me. Insurance being key. As Apple did not supply any sleeves for the phone (massive design error, if you ask me....unlike Blackberry who give you an uber cool pouch) I decided to make one.

Spotty, natch!
I decided to make one, more in light of my Deputy Editor at Crafts Beautiful, whom smashed hers to smithereens recently - so I made her one for her replacement phone, too. They may not be robust or the most protective, they at least prevent scratched in your bag and knocks when you put it on a hard surface.

From a crafting point of view they are pretty, functional and moreover, so easy to make that I could have one for every day of the week. Which, in fact, I might just do that!

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Live! Cripes!

Also - check out this link HERE to see a lovely project I made for Banana Frog


Pol said...

This is why I don't have an i phone - I would drop it and smash it in a week. I stick to my indestructable nokia's. My N86 is a very good smart phone and the 8mp camera on it is very very good for a compact. AND when I drop it (like weekly) - the back just pops off -put it on again and good to go :)

Sarah said...

Ohhhh those pouches are super gorgeous!! That's what I need for when I upgrade the current iPhone! As my current one is very scratched :-( Welcome to the wonderful world of iPhones!! Couldn't live without mine now, how very sad is that?!!

Katty Bell said...

I'm in love with these super-cute pouches, they look so cuddly & cutie-pied :)
I have a jet, not perfect but, it does for me. Been lucky so far, no scratches...yet!

Kirsti said...

These are so cute - pitty I don't own an ipod/phone...I did drop my Samsung Tocco and it's not working soback to the phone I had not the last time but the time before so you can imagine how ancient it

Somehow and I don't know why but your blog just doesn't seem to be moving to the top of the list when you post so apoplogies for not commenting for so long (there are a couple others too)...xoxo

Jenni said...

These are so cute, if i had an I-phone I would have to have one ;o)
Jenni x

Anonymous said...

Please, please,,,I wanna know where I can get pretty red polka dotty and flower patterned felt from ?
Kirsty they are gorgeous !! If I was an iphone I would want to belong to Couture Kirsty !! Hey you could design a new range for the shop, PodUlike by KirstyCustomisables :)

hugs from Tricia in Geordieland

Nina said...

Told you that you would need a 32g :p !

cla16e said...

A 32gig is essential , it's suprising how full it gets so quickly!
Awwwww I would luuuuuurve one of them pouches!! They are sooo cute, especially with being the ony female In our house I seriously need some girly stuff for myself.

Dylan said...

one more sleep, one more sleep, one more

Carol said...

I;ve got the 32gb i phone and i LOVE it!!! :) the spotty case is just super stunning Kirsty, it's more gorgeous than a gorgeousness thing can possibly be!!!

Anonymous said...

hey-they look like HC stock!!!!!

Love to the curlygirl
Lulubelle x