Ladies Camera Club

3 Mar 2010


With so much to try and remember and a number of hellish factors stacked against me, I had no sooner arrived at when I realised I had forgotten my clothes for todays tv demo.
So please avert your eyes or adjust the contrast when I debut later today with emergency clobber from Sainburys!
PS: I hope I don't get murdered in this freaky hellish b and b.
Note to self: check trip advisor in future!!!!

Will prob laugh about this in 40 years time!!!!


Jak Heath said...

Oh no! I hope you have suitable embellishments with you to hide your modesty.
Get in touch with me Kirsty and I'll give you details of where we stay for next time. xx

Bettyann said...

Kristy, you are so funny...send us a pic of what you are wearing on the tv demo lol

Lynda said...

Good luck with the show Kirsty - am getting all excited for you now. Will be sat ready with my cuppa at noon.

Love Lynda xxx

Lorna said...

Keep calm and carry on, you'll be fine, good luck :o)

Chris Walker said...

Oooooo just wondering how you got on ... have looked on their website and can't see vid ... will have to wait til i get home to see recording. Hope it went well. x

Kate said...

Fab demo and with the lovely Leonie, she looks like a joy to work with. Had to watch at my mum's and her old lady TV with wonky freeview box really did need the contrast adjusting, lol! ** Kate **

Joy said...

Hope it went well. I am sure you looked gorgeous.

Lynne said...

You didn't look that bad really. Loved the show and the cd. l digitally scrap picturs and have done since 2007. l also make my own digital scrapbook kits and sell more in the USA as well as giving away freebies. If you want to take a look its -
love and hugs

Anonymous said...

I thought you came over really well,Relaxed and made everything look easy and fun and with quite a bit of mischieveousness thrown in, I emailed the studio to say hi and how much I was enjoying the show but I don't think they read out any emails you and Leonie were motoring along so free and easy. It was a really warm, friendly fun show and I hope you sold shedloads, I wish they would repeat your show this week for us workers tho so we can watch the whole thing thru. Thanks Kirsty, HAve a safe journey home to your family
love from Tricia in Newcastle

redsmudge said...

I saw the show, Kirsty and you looked just fine! Loved the easel card!!

Anonymous said...

was watchin the show while trying to plan my New York scrapbook...I had to give were making me laugh too much to concentrate!
hope you had fun!
love to the curlygirl
Lulubelle x

Sharon said...

Loved the show. Well done! You looked fab and came over really really well. Hope you've sold loads! Sharon x x x

Maggie said...

We are never going to let you forget "the glue stick" as you kept reminding us, you two were so funny but in a very professional awy. Love the CD.

Sharon K said...

I was at work when the programme went out live, but caught it a little later on C&C.
You and Leonie seem to get on well.
Loved the CD and samples, can't wait to get mine and to get going with it.
You have the best jobs! I'd love a job where I could just craft and make scrummy things.

Jo E said...

Only just read your blog to catch up on news and I can't believe I missed you on air. Damn! Damn! Damn!