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7 Mar 2010

New interests

Ok, Ive gone mold mad.
Utee, polymer clay and molds = new embellishments and lovely things to adore.

Ive recently bought these molds which arrived today from the USA.
Im mid project and will prob finish them tomorrow and share.
Why can't I just stick with just cardmaking or just scrapbooking instead of adding melt art, sewing, painting and crochet let alone cooking and baking to the mix?
Gah, my head is always whirring for new things to do but at least they all work together in some weird shape or fashion.... I think!

Ok, am tired. On top of molding, I have been working on material for a 3rd CD so its another early night for me this week..........which as you know, I don't do early. Ive not long just walked past a cooked chicken that I bought for tomorrows Sunday dinner and two of the legs fell in my mouth. **burps contently**. Hoping I fall asleep soundly without clucking.

**edited to add, on the left of the screen near all my blinkies etc, there is a little thingy that you can ask me questions (anonymously, if you like). Be as daft/normal as you want but I won't answer mean-green-beans ones - Ive had two already.....groan!**


michwot said...

i know exactly what you mean.i'm always dipping into new things at the moment i'm sketching petit doll faces and bodies......i blame you you know;)

Clarky J said...

Im just like that too - got too much of too many crafts but I love it all! Made a card yesterday and thought hmmmm Im picking up things from Kirsty :0) you would probably disagree but it was def away from my usual card making stuff!a les is more approach that I have tried without success before.

**Leanne Marie** said...

Hey..Just Thought Id Pop By And Say You Have A Great Blog Here!!
Keep Up The Good Work Hun!!
Ive Just Started A New Blog :D
Love Leanne

Brook said...

LOL! I have been working with fun stuff like UTEE and chips melted and poured into molds. Making my own molds. Fun stuff!

Darcy said...

I love having lots of different crafts on the go life's rich tapestry an all that, not that I am suggesting you take up tapestry hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Was thinking this only the other day - for some reason (well, Cath Kidston's Sew book may have something to do with it!) I have, since Christmas, become addicted to fabric and wanting to learn to Sew! Ginghams, stripes, polka dots, flowers, felts - blues, pinks, greens, reds. just one problem, i never have gotten around to using most of my ascrapping and card making stash - how am I going to get away with taking over yet another cupboard to fill with fabric and sewing stuff when all i do is buy, stroke and procrastinate? LOL
Is Sewing the new Papercrafting?

Love Karen Rel

beksynormz said...

I can't believe it, google has not shown me any of your posts for almost three weeks, I was starting to miss you and worry so I had a nosey and you were here all along. Have spent a happy half hour catching up! xx

ps. I cried through Les Mis too xx

Anonymous said...

omg-i love those push molds of the keys! im off to trawl t'internet....
Love to the curlygirl
Lulubelle x

Dylan said...

Wtf..???? have you sniffed too much glue and fallen into my world. Be afraid, be very afraid, you may just like it here and want to stay, lmao,,, xxxxx