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17 Mar 2010

Mon Petit Dolls

Those who know Suzi Blu will appreciate my little song......."Art class love, Art class love, Art class love". Hear Suzi sing it to you here (scroll to video half way down the page). I can't stop singing it; it really does make me laugh.

Learning with Suzi has been one of the best art classes I have taken. She allowed me to draw myself. I did award myself some spectacularly golden wings and beautiful crown from German Scraps at Paper Artsy here ->
and Ive gone out of my way to do a grown up one here (with a very roman nose..... which I am not a fan of, but still.....) I love how, by painting her eyes and highlights white, that you can change her piercing stare. I think by the time Ive finished with her, her buns will be smaller and her dress will be peacock blue on a collaged canvas.

And I have drawn all these babies ready to colour in.
Got to do an Alice themed one, right?

This ones quote will be "she wishes for hair quite unlike a bear cub"

This angel might lose her mickey ears (buns, I know but Ellie thinks they are bear-cub ears!)! Who knows.

They will look a million times better painted and cut out of course....but these are the "before" so that in a few weeks I can show you the "after".

Alongside Suzi Blu comes Kelly Rae Roberts. Dyan introduced me to her and she is magic. Dy bought all the girls one of these, this weekend.... (thanks Dy, I love her. Ive called her Serendipity)I am in love with this style of doll but I'm also drawn to Kelly Rae's overall melancholy style. One that I ought to try and smush up with Suzi Blu's style and inject a bit of Kirsty Wiseman into too. Hmmmm, tricky.
I have to say, Im on a real roll with colour and collage right now. I feel a couple of canvasses calling my name........ "Yoohoo, Kirsty, come and throw yourself covered in paint on me" I hear them say. And I say "Whoa, slow down you creepy talking canvas varmints, for I have to get ready for a show this weekend and its sucking creative mojo from anything else" Well, it is - kind of. Just energy left for anything else except tidy my dump of a craft room up and chase Eddy "the bazzill stealing" fiend from my space.


Bettyann said...

wow such the girls...keep going towards the voices on the canvas LOL

ellen s. said...

oh wow. i am loving these, they are magical

Anonymous said...

I 'stumbled' on your site...YOU have TALENT! LOVE THEM, LOVE THEM!

CoCo said...

Super cool Kirsty - and how wierd I stumbled across Kelly's site a few weeks ago via her book I bought on a whim....however, I'm not sure my first attempt at a collaged angel is worthy of blogging. I think I need to do some sketching...thanks for showing your process.... Looking forward to seeing those canvas versions.

Kazzy said...

These are them!

Just thought I'd let you know I've just done my third digi LO after completing your digi explained it soooo well, thanks matey!!

hello gorgeous said...

oooo, I love these, I spesh LOVE the first feels very me! It's like staring at myself! LOL!

Can't wait to see them "all grown up" with colour! ;o)


hello gorgeous xxx

Anonymous said...

they are really lovely, you are very talented love caroline (gill) xx

Pamela said...

Beautiful work!

angie's blogspot said...

your'e very talented my lovely, my drawing is matchstick people, lol, never could draw! x

Maria McPherson said...

Woo hoo Kirsty! Those girlies are just gorgeous... now get them coloured and onto wood/canvas :-)
I love art skool too! Bestest money ever spent!!!!

Maria x

Lynda said...

Beautiful artwork Kirsty!

Love Lynda xxx

Kirsti said...

Holy Moly as my 4 year is fond of saying - these are soooo suuuuper cooool I must learn to draw like that... where do I sign up!!!!...xoxo

Dylan said...

Am I getting more "normal" or are you getting more "wierd"..???
Kirsty Wiseman with paint, collage and canvas all in the same sentence..!!!! I,m off for a lie down in a darkened room....lmao XXX

Helena said...


I have just finished reading about your knitting in CB :) and I'm intrigued to know more about your knitting loom!

Helena said...


check out Chris's pictures on her blog,
yours made me think of them!

Carmen said...

Ohhh my sister bought me Kelly Rae's book Taking Flight for Christmas, I love it so much! Can't wait to see a Suzi/Kelly/Kirsty doll!