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28 Mar 2010

Last teaching day in Italia

If Jane hadn't of made it out with me to Italy, I wouldnt have laughed half as hard as I have. My chest and belly(s) hurt so much from laughing so hard and so much. Ive practically lost my voice from talking to students too. Couple that with my current chesty cough and I sound worse than man. Worse.

I taught photography yesterday and I was awfully worried about the language barrier. I thought the students were under theimpression that I was going to teach them all about how to use their camera. With various dslr's and point and shoots ....... its impossible to know all the ins and outs of every piece. So my class was centred around design principals and how to take a more pleasing photo. The students absolutely embraced it and I was so relieved. My translator and the event organizer, Lory, is very photogenic. I can't tell you how well organised this event is and all the little touches and comforts that you don't often see at events. The colours, the vibrancy and the atomosphere is second to none and we have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The classes have been so inspiring with lots of sewing classes too - how cool is that? When a flight to Italy is so cheap from easyjet, the event works out to be on par with any Uk event so if you fancy some beautiful Italia next year, do book :)

Lastly, whilst I am here, I took photos fo Simona's daughters at the event. I can't tell you how perfect the light is in Italy. Why is the light here so perfect when the light at home is so gloomy and dull? But still, here they are in all their bella bella bella presence

Isn't Camila a little cutie?

And sweet Ele, who spoke to me in a quiet voice, in broken english and asked for a non smiley picture and black and white. I almost broke my heart when she exclaimed how much she loved this picture. And what better gift, to such sweetness, than to give these photos from a crazy english woman.
I am coming home tomorrow to see my lovely girl and lovely boy (and grumpy wumpy Marko) and shall share some more photos in depth of this beautiful part of Italy.

I think I will be quite sad to leave, though.

PS: I have to tell you this. Really have to tell you. Like, REALLY have to tell you, ok?
Jane, Stu and I went for a Pizza in a proper restaurant with no "speakio englisho" waiters. We all chose our pizzas trying to translate the menu the best we could. Stu and I were adventurous with Proscetti and Funghi and Jane asked for a Pepperoni pizza. We waited a while for our orders and when Jane had hers delivered, we were that hungry that we tucked in right away. Halfway through her pizza she looked and said "I dont have any Pepperoni on my pizza". All she had was cheese, toms and peppers. Then we all bust out laughing becuase we then realised that the waiter must have though she said Pepper Only! I could cry laughing about how funny it was and always will be in my memory.


angie's blogspot said...

Hey there, sounds like your having an amazing time, can't wait for photo filled next blog post x

Suzie Q said...

Beautiful photos x
the pizza experience gave me a real belly laugh thanks for funny.
Suzie Qx

Bettyann said...

So glad you had such a fab time...I love the bw non-smiley pic the best...wish I could have been there (((sighs)))

sarah copeland said...

It sounds like an amazing experience, wonderful! Photography and sewing classes, I want to go! Those girls are beautiful.

sharon said...

PMSL..Pepper Only...hahahahah,that will be tickling me all day..hahaha.x

Rachel said...

sounds like you have had a fab time Kirsty, gorgeous photos and love the pizza story..xx

simona said...

oh my girls are so beautiful in these photos...Kirsty, you are the best, i love you so much, you are so kind, so sweet and you remember me my trompe l'oeil teacher, a beautiful artist like you!!!
Thank you so much for all the beautiful words you said me about Elena, you touched me as you touch me for what you have written in this post...i hope we'll meet as soon as possible!!!;-)
big kisses

Edwige said...

Hey hey Kirsty !
It was a great pleasure to meet you in Napoli ... I hope that the next time, my english will be better and the time more big to speak with you +++ ...
Bigs Kisses for you and say "Hello!" to Jane and Stuart !
See you soon ...
Edwige from France !