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9 Mar 2010

Just a perfect day

Wow - if you are living in the North, like us, you may be experiencing beautiful cloudless skies like this.

Where X marks the spot

And its so cheery and blue and warm.....cloudless, sheesh......we've been sitting the winter out waiting for that pure saturation of vitamin D to come streaming from the heavens

And green grass welcomes our shadows (even if you can't make out that Mark is doing the bunny ears on me)
And holdy-handy walks are shrouded in golden light (if not highlighting my filthy boots)

Hello sunshine, please stay a while.


Bettyann said...

Spring has come back, been out walking and shopping and feeling oh so much better, now that the sun is warming my bones lol...take care and have loads of fun together...

Anonymous said...

gosh,you guys do a lot of walking-puts me to shame!
Love to the Curlygirl
Lulubelle x

CleverCrafter said...

We have had stunning weather here as well, just right for walking, we took ours to the deer park at the weekend, boy did they have fun

Love to you all

And Thank you for everything yesterday xxx

Anonymous said...

It funny how a sunny day brightens your day. Even though I was at work today it was lovely at noon coming out of the office and feeling the suns heat on your face and seeing blue sky. Made having to go back to work hard thou. Lets hope this is the start of a lovely spring and summer.

Best wishes....