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26 Mar 2010

Gelata make-a me wide-a

Im here, Im safe and eating icecream (which means I am well).

I arrived on Weds to the chimes and deights of Lori and Simona, our hosts. I was caught up in a bit of a pickle at the airport so Stu and Jane walked through customs leaving me waiting around as they tried to find our bus. Next thing they hear is my name being announced over the tannoy in Italian and unbeknowing to them, I had 4 polizia practically rugby tackling me over the fact I had left my purse on the plane. Jane thought I was being had for drug smuggling but no, my purse had been located and it took 4 cops to fill out the paperwork and almost manhandling me over the shame of such a crime!

The rest of the day I helped the Italian girls pack kits and prepare for the show which started an hour ago. Im not kidding you, I have never seen a retreat like this (amazing) and the kits are all exceptional. Its buzzing here with students from Denmark, Norway, Isreal and Italy - plus Jane from the UK. I went to bed at 8 that night and woke up at 8 the next mroning - i was well and truly knackered (putting it mildly).

Thursday took Jane, Stu and I to Sorrento and Positano. I have a million pictures to share of these two stunning places (if you cant wait, google the images of Positano to see just what I mean). It was here we had a beautiful lunch by the sea (garlic mussels - hello?) and finished with these beauties.
We walked for miles and had a wonderful day. I was in awe of Positano, truly mesmerised. We finished our day with Spumante al fresco in Sorrento and a bit of emergency scrapping in the hotel. I eventually got to meet Wendy Senger of Tattered Angels and the best dressed hair in the business, Heidi Swapp of whom both are completely charming.

Will of course upload some lovely pics on my return.

PS: Miss you Ellie and Mark....oh and that scratty little pooch of mine, Eddy xx


Lisa Hemmings said...

Kirsty, sounds like your having great fun!
Can't wait to see the piccies.
Envious? god yeah!!
Love Lisa xx

Sue Ramsay said...

Cant wait to see the pictures and hear ALL about it. Ive just come back from ASDA shopping - bet you wish you were me dont you ! xxx

Bettyann said...

oh are a riot...can't wait to hear about the retreat and the flight back...try not to get arrested lol..

Mooneybeams said...

Oh gelato! There is absolutely nothing more delicious than proper Italian icecream! I've been to Italy once four years ago and the memory of that icecream is seared on my brain, it's that good! Eat some for me!

Jo said...

Oh God I'm so jealous!!! Sounds like your having a whale of a time!!!!

And I thought my day bra shopping in M&S was good!!! Oh how I lead a shallow life!

Will call you when you're back... when exactly are you back?? lol

Terrie B x said...

Hmmm just one cornetto....hmmm give it to me delish ice-cream from Italy...hmm fab photies..looks like your having fun!!!:)x

Janie said...

Hi kirsty. Have you seen the film "Only You" Positano features in this. I watched it about 7 years ago and fell in love with Positano always wanted to visit and stay in the Le Sirenuse hotel. My husband took me there for my 40th birthday and stayed in that very hotel. It is the most beautiful place and so romantic. Can't wait to see your pic's