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18 Mar 2010

The Bunny Cometh

He do, you know............ bringing lots of thigh busting chocs and goodness to all. Check out this little lot from my all time fave gift shop at dotcom gift shop:

Want to eat this

Make this

Store not just eggs but craft tools etc in this

Totes for you and the kids like this

Pretty garlands like this

Oh I love spots so much, want these pretty badly

Am v. v. v. v. v. not well today and neither was Belle. We both lay ick for eternity in our stinky pits. At lunchtime she snapped her fingers and demanded chicken because she thinks chicken cures sickness. I have this book called Chicken soup for the Soul and I think she started it from that title and she made her mind up that its a cure. So I made soup and chicken dippers and bread with orange and lime juice and she set to work on making herself feel better by eating every last drop/crumb. I don't think she will be going to school tomorrow because I think the chicken has to work its magic for a few days. Hmmmm.

Whereas I have to soldier on no matter what, getting projects made for the show on Saturday... you going to watch? I have some very chic projects to share plus an amazing pop up card. I have designer shoes, bags, stationary folders, favours, hats and all sorts as well as cards....oooh and a printed t shirt - get me! Even if CD Roms are not your thang, there will be pretties to look at and hopefully get your creativeness in full swing. Create and Craft, noon with Leonie (thankfully, she is brill!)

Gotta go and wipe my nose - now, where is that dog?


Debo said...

feel better soon!

Good luck tomorrow! Can't wait to see the show - glad you're with Leonie, she's excellent!

Pat said...

Hope you both get better soon. Will be watching tomorrow x

Helena said...

All scrumptious.
I have already had lots of eggs.


Helena said...


oo yeah I'll be watching. Hope you'll soon feel better.

re Leonie- she is brill, isn't she? And she always leans to the right. This is fascinating as I always lean to the left. I often wonder what would happen if we ever met.

Sharon Kenny said...

Hi Kirsty,
Hope you are both feeling better.
I haven't seen your favourite gift website wow wow, going to be spending in there! I really want the English Rose throw, hoping it'll still be reduced so much by payday, it's gorgeous!! I need to redecorate my bedroom and I love Cath Kidson English Rose so that throw is perfect! I saw a MTV Cribs episode once with Pamela Anderson and she had the most gorgeous bedroom, very feminine and french.... lacy, flowery, birdcage, chandelier kind of vibe absolutely beautiful and so many lovely things on that site would complete the look! ...

Anyway, good luck on Saturday for the show... I'll make sure everything is done so that I can sit with tea and biccies and watch. Once I've watched, I have some ink now (woohoo! small things and all that) the first time I've had any since getting your new CD-Rom and I just have to make something with that split paper in Sugar Candy, love love love it. I'll email you a pic if I'm happy with what I make.

Good lord I can ramble on!

Take care

kate said...
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kate said...

oops did something wrong with last post-silly me !
just wanted to say what a great show today on C&C.Your stuff is so cool and very fresh. lovely and unfortunately very unresistible ! Oh dear bank balance not looking so healthy these days !!! Never mind more to play with. Keep up the good work !

Linby said...

these are fab - love the toadstools. off to investigate the website......

Kirsti said...

Love the Dotcom website.... thot I had already left a comment here as I really liked the bunny cushion but obviously I am going a bit potty as it's not here... enjoy the rest of the week...xxxx