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23 Mar 2010

Bella Bella Bella

How was my Italian, good no?

On Weds am I am leaving for Italia for 5 days. To this luscious hotel on the edge of paradise and where a glass of soothing Chianti awaits my grasp only to be spilled down my white tee shirt (without a doubt). Im going to Naples or Napoli (as the song goes..... you know - Amore! Pizza pie and the moon punches you in the face). For weeks I have been corresponding with the hyperactive yet lovely Lory. One of my jokey questions to her (the other week) went like this....

Kirsty: How will I get to the venue from the Airport and will I get killed by the Mafia?
Lory: No, don't be silly. The Mafia are in Sicily. In Napoli, we have the Camorra.
Kirsty: WTF?

I was kidding with her initially; I knew the Mafia were in Sicily but I didn't think they had insurgent mobsters elsewhere and to add insult to injury I just Wiki'd it.......... Don't read it, espesh if you are visiting Naples in the near future! My friend Sharon has even recommended I take my violin case with me to hide my blat gun. Thank god Ive bought holiday insurance so they can fly back my blown-to-pieces body in a 500g bag, normally filled with fusilli pasta.

Joking aside (I hope) I am thrilled to be teaching alongside Wendy Senger of Tattered Angels, Celine Navarro, Heidi Swapp, Lory Bucaria and the Italian contingency at the Paper and Co Show. Im desperate to find out how much fun Celine is, as my friend Corinne in Holland says she is a blast. With French and Italian speakers in my vicinity, I am certain there is going to be a language problem because I can't even speak proper England as it is. Luckily for me, my lovely friend Jane is accompanying me and when us two get together, language has no barriers when all you can do is laugh.

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Bettyann said...

oh how lovely...teaching along side of Heidi hi to Naples for me...where the men chased us on motor to be 23 again!!!!

Anonymous said...

have a lovely time - I rarely get to go away these days - the joy and responsibility of owning chickens!


Colette said...

Lucky, lucky you, Italy is my favorite place in the world, I am so jealous. Hope you have a great time,


hello gorgeous said...

hey gorgeous, hope you have a fantastico time! I'm sure it will help re-charge your batteries even if you are teaching...and I KNOW the vino will help!

Your "home" for the next few days looks AMAZING and definitely like paradise to me!

Have fun..... ;o)


hello gorgeous xxx

Marina said...

I just wanted to say have a wonderful time, I am sure that you will. I am very jealous with all those wonderful people your be with oh and not forgetting yourself, I hope that you have great weather while your there and please bring it back with you as i am just about fedup with the rain in cornwall. Marina :-)

FauxPainter - Dee Paramour said...

Forget the blat gun, hun. You need something handbag sized and sophistiacted, like a granade lipstick or some kind of spy gadget.

Enjoy your trip, luv Dee xxx

Princess Scary said...

Enjoy your trip, look forward to reading all about it and seeing what you taught!

twinkletoe said...

You lucky girl!!