Ladies Camera Club

2 Mar 2010


Because wordage is short today this post is picture based.
Because I have 3 mcsquillion things to do before I leave for Peterborough in the am.
Because I am rounding up the last of the projects for Create and Craft on Wednesday afternoon.
So here goes..........

Because I like empty park benches (there are not many in London on a Saturday, this was a treat for my feet!)

Because I love the font of these numbers in gorgeous white rows of columns!

Because this is the thinnest house in London

Because red telephone boxes barely exist anymore

Because the V&A museum was actually pretty boring for me except for the grand atrium entrance and freaky glass display hanging from the glass dome

Because this mother and child looked so happy outside the V&A where I liked the colours of the bricks

Because the bricks seemed pink in the shade and red in the sun

Because when it rained for a little while, drops had landed on this bronzed face which made it look like tears

Because Im a true brit and I like the rule of thirds

Because London is full of these freaky pom pom trees

Because the colours spoke to me in the bark

Because I had to run for cover before this lot splatted down on us

Because I liked the angle and tone

Because the shapes amused me

Because he sang Wonderwall by Oasis

Because hidden in the bokeh is St Pauls Cathedral and that bloody great big gherkin

Because a slow shutter speed gives off some amazing experiments

Because I love photography, I love London.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo's. I wish I saw things as you did. Recognise most of those places from my own visits to the 'big smoke' but my photo's are rubbish compared to yours - good job it's only going to be mine in the scrapbook then! :-D Surprised you didn't like the V&A! I looooved the jewellery and fashion exhibitions.... You inspire me to experiment with my camera. Thank you Kirsty. HeyJude!x

Pat said...

Fab photos, you see beauty in such everyday things, I love that! xx

Kate said...

Great pics, love them. Good luck for tomorrow. ** Kate **

Dolly said...

Wonderful photos. You've made me look at my home town in a whole new light. Funny how you never appreciate what's on your doorstep.
Good luck for the show tomorrow, sure it'll be a sell out. :)x

hello gorgeous said...

fab post! Oh to have a photographer's eye! ;o)

Have a fab, and productive, trip tomorrow - will be watching and keeping fingers crossed you haven't taken the gremlins with you! ;oO


hello gorgeous xxx

Clarky J said...

Gorgeous pics Kirsty -wish I could manage a half decent pic lol

Colette said...

You have a great eye for detail and I love that. Good luck for tomorrow, you will be great I have no doubt.


*reyanna klein* said...

These are fabulous! I LOVED your commentary too. Awesomeness, Kirsty! And I miss you. And I want a donut. That is all.

Bettyann said...

oh loved the pics and running want to come back to London...maybe one of these days..sighs..have a safe and happy trip..

Kazzy said...

WOW 'em all, but pariculary the white number columns...fabulous. Wish my photographs were that great! Good luck for tomorrow.x

Darcy said...

gorgeous photos chick,I found the V&A a tad boring too, but I loved the glass chandelier. We did have lunch in there which was very lovely and I fell in love with the ceramic staircase.

Anonymous said...

because we love the Northern Chick and all her randomness.....
love to the curlygirl
Lulubelle x

Katty Bell said...

Hi Kirsty,
Glad you enjoyed your jolly jaunts :)
Your photos are brill! I am in awe of your creative genius... truly inspired ~sigh~ but alas, I have a looong, looong time of saving up to come for my 'serious' Camera & kit!

Tracy said...

Wow! Stunning photographs Kirsty - you make even the mundane seem interesting!

moo said...

Because its a great idea and great photos!