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19 Feb 2010

They came - finally

I could cry with the nightmare of these CD's finally arriving.
Trust me to pick cowboys, again, when it comes to do with something that I need **now**. The CD looks like every other CD and is processed like every other CD but the cowboys stalled me on a "technicality" which I smelled a rat right from the start. Nevertheless they are here and they are being wrapped for postage for when they air on 3rd March. So if you are after bright and bold colours with a host of images ranging from dress forms to shoes to cosy armchairs for your cardmaking, you can buy it online from my webshop only, for now and then after that, Create and Craft.

Here is a sample of some of the 1300 elements you can print from the CD. This is just a small taster and not the entire collection. Sugar candy and Autumn walk include papers and matching greetings and cut outs to build that perfect card

Other exciting news.
I scrapped a page for me and not as part of a project for something else. OK, the projects I make are ultimately mine but this one is straight off the desk and into a folder. usually they are straight off the desk and into a gallery online for DT work OR are mailed away and never to be seen for another 6 months. I made it purely as I was sorting my Studio Calico leftovers out this afternoon and everything on there is from old kits. I have enough left overs to make at least 80 more layouts. I think Kits are perfect for that.

I also made this tag using my one of my fave inspirational quotes. Live, Laugh, Love. I want Ellie to know that these three life emotions are the most important ones she could ever experience (well, the ones beginning with "L" anyway!)

Tonight we took the dog for a walk. It was a fairly pleasant start with me taking the camera trying to prove to myself that even though its ugly out there in this stark winter, there can be interesting things to take pictures of. I love this rusty barb wire and rickety old fence post.

We laughed as we discovered two stick men, created it would seem by Chloe and Emma. Great job, girls - whoever you are

And I couldn't resist this shot through the stick mans body before the heavens opened and we were drenched with sleet (that came out of nowhere and without warning - I was frozen when we got back and the dog was filthy).

I came home to bath the dog and enjoy a cuppa whilst watching the downhill skiing finals. I also tucked into these childhood treats from yesteryear and couldn't resist sticking them on my fingers, only that when I was a kid, those Hula Hoops went right down to the knuckle!
But lurking within the pack was the greatest find of all. Remember the Turin shroud? Well I have found Jesus's sandal in there. I was quite taken aback but there it is, in all its glory.
Finally - Eastenders? It was absolutely thrilling to watch it live and no, I didn't guess it was Stacey. Max Brannings's acting was absolutely fabulous and his reaction to Bradley's death was so lifelike. Mark and I kept looking out for live errors and even though they were few, I couldn't also help but sit on the edge of my seat in anticipation. My money was on Peggy "go on, get art, get art ma pab!" Mitchell but alas, Stacey admitted to killing that pesky villain, Archie.

Loved it!

Now don't forget to put your name down for the giveaway in yests post - Ill draw it on Sunday night when I get back from the Stitches show at the NEC.


Kate said...

I was on the edge of my seat watching "Eastenders" last night too, I guessed Stacy a couple of weeks ago but changed to Ronnie last week. Should have stuck with my gut!

Ruth said...

Your blog is looking GORGEOUS! I also spotted your "lyric" cards in one of the mags and I absolutely LOVE THEM! Such a tallented mama! Hope this finds u happy and smiling x

Angela W said...

The cd looks as awesome as your first! Congrats! I love the layout and the tag you made "just because"! I also love the Live, Laugh, Love quote!

Rosie (Freycob) said...

That was a shock seeing my mug staring back at me with the gorgeous Ellie! LOL. Fab LO chick.

There are cowboys out there everywhere and they're obviously not all riding horses so that we can easily identify them!

Hugs to you all, my darling.

xxx said...

just found your blog today via the Banana frog blog !!!
Your blog is very inspirational but also true to life! fantastic!

kirsticoo said...

Just got back from Manchester tonight and had to watch after kids in bed (was on plane on Friday night) and managed to not find out for the whole weekend... I was on the edge I don't mind telling you... never had Stace down for it tho...

Love your page just for 'you' and I especially love your tag with the Love, Love, Laugh - I have that as my byline on my blog - its' so pretty and pink...see ya!!!