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22 Feb 2010

She is home :) - BIIIIIIG POST!

She is home alright!
And within 10 minutes she had settled back into our homey routine after copious amounts of loves and cuddles. She was not in a particularly photography mood but rest assured, she is residing back in our cosy home where she belongs.

Mark went to collect her from a drop off point between my mums and our house on Saturday (we do this to save 2.5 hours to get there and back and my mum is so sweet to do this for us - thanks mum!) so I had a little lie in and woke up feeling peckish. The bread was only good enough for toast and remembered that we had a tin of creamed mushrooms in the cupboard. A requainted love, me thinks. Absolutely scrum - why do we forget little gems like this?

Saturday afternoon, I finally packed and used my green bag. Here it full of all my essentials including my bad boy camera. See - it all fits with room for more crap!

Late Friday night I burned my fingers and lost the will to live making this necklace. Having blogged in Sep 2009 about beautiful raggy fabric necklaces and then watching a few videos on Rhonna Farrers blog, I was inspired to have a go myself. I do love it but let me tell you, glue guns are little sods and are far too dangerous for my little digits!

Its a no sew, no iron, no time for cutting out perfectly type job so you needn't get finickity or anal about dimensions etc. And the brads give it a rather blingy touch. Ok, I did sew the jump rings for the necklacey part but the rolls were a no sew go area which I find rather enterprising in a "Must get the dog to learn how to use the glue gun" type of thinking. Raggy necklaces made by dogs has a great unique selling point, I find!

I have some more fabric to make a vintage style on using these delish fabrics that I have had for 3 years. You see, its worth hanging on to all that stuff that we commit to keeping by saying "I'll use that one day". True to form, I am using that day this week.
I wore my necklace to the NEC today, I was kind of proud of it but initially I wasn't going to go as we woke up to lots of snow! I checked with the highways agency and the AA and the Met Office to check the roads and they all seemed fine but I still couldnt make my mind up. So, like a dork, I googled "decision maker" and really used it to make my mind up. I thoroughly recommned it, it turned out to be a great idea.....heeeeeee! I had a fruitful meeting with Crafts Beautiful with some exciting things in store for future work. Kate Hemmings, the deputy editor, bought me a super hot cup of tea and I had to be polite not to scream when I burned my lip! Aftwerwards I went for a wander round this massive exhibition. I can't tell you how many people stopped me to enquire about my necklace and surprised to learn it only took 30 minutes to make. Dyan Reavely ran up to me out of nowhere, hugged me and demanded a replica for her birthday and I said "yes dear, in return for one of those delicious Tim Holtz Compendium of Curiosity books". Fair's fair, huh? Go look, she is selling them for a song on her website at Art from the Heart.

I had so much pleasure in spying beautiful fabrics and sewing items more than I did papercraft supplies. Even Personal Impressions are stocking fabrics and they are also stocking my 3rd collection of rubber stamp designs for the cardmaking side of town. LOOK ->
I was at Personal Impressions for ages and bumped into Nina and Marion. Ive met Marion before at CHA but Id never met Nina although we do converse on twitter. I am so glad I got to meet them and have dinner with them. I love nice people. Like, reeeeeeeeeeeally love nice people like these two fun loving chicks.
Finally, on my way out I popped by to see one of the most darling crafters I know. Paula Pascual is an absolute peach and so, so pretty. She does make me smile and I find her generous personality so infectious. I tell everyone about her, I think everyone should have a piece of Paula in their lives.I was purposely making her laugh when she was supposed to be demoing

and yes, she did get a burst of the giggles over her pink cuttlebug!
Go and check out her work over HERE

OK what else can I bore you with?
Aha - my CD has sold surprisingly well to say I haven't done a press release as yet. I think showing sneak peaks has helped and further to the two I showed on Friday's blog post, here are two more samples and they are just small samples from the collections. You can buy it HERE if you like, before it airs on Create and Craft on 3rd March :) I have to say that the girls who have made some cards for me using my CD are absolutely beautiful but I cant share them yet as they are being saved for the telly!

Those flowers in rings are designed to but cut out with a 2.5 inch cookie cutter punch, by the way :) can get one HERE
The same goes for the butterfly circles - the cookie cutter punches look lovely used on this sheet. I'll cut one out this week to show you.

And lastly and most bestly I was picked to be on the Banana Frog DT today. I am overjoyed! But I don't have a card sample to share with you as its midnight here. So Ill be back tomorrow with the winner of the mini canvas too.

If you are still awake - well done!


Debbie said...

Wish i could have made it this weekend as it would have been fab to meet up - cant remember the last time!! Yayy we will get to work together again on the Banana Frog team! :D

Lovin that necklace!!


Anonymous said...

Kirsty your new cd looks fab - can you post a link to a cookie cutter punch please.... xx

tricia in Newcastle said...

The necklace is fab and the blog as ever truly inspiring.I don't know where you find all the energy - I guess it's fuelled by your evident love of all you do.. I am off to buy the cd !
love from tricia in Newcastle

Michelle said...

Hi Kirsty - bought the CD but wanted to know about the cookie cutter punch - is it just a regular 3" punch???

Omar said...

Kirsty, You are so sweet! It was lovely to see you too!

Paula Pascual said...

It was me who wrote the above comment, but did not realize I was using Omar's identity!.

Dylan said...

yay smellyhead,made my pressy yet...???? and do it proper none of your tacky crap for my birthday... XXX