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10 Feb 2010

Shaking all over

Sometimes I get so fed up of shovelling really bad food into my good old self that often I go into these little bursts of superfood diets to make up for it. Not a diet per se (and believe me, I have serious poundage to lose) but lovely kicks of energy and five a day specialities.

My perfect concoction today was a muller light yoghurt, skimmed milk, a mix of frozen and fresh fruits (mainly berries - they are super super foods) plus a sneaky chunk of carrot and today's special ingredient of frozen mango. If you add oats to it then you will find that this uber thick shake replaces breakfast as it truly fills you up until lunch. By which time the brilliantness of the fruit sets to work and has you zinging from a to b without so much as a whiff of caffeine (which I have cut right down on recently). I feel alive! Truly, I do.

Try low fat yogs, fat free milk and combos of frozen and fresh fruits with rolled oats (you wont even taste those little buggers) and within a week you will be feeling fresher than a bag of newly picked peas.


**warning - plays havoc on your internal system for a day or two and I think you know what I mean.

Edited to add:
Im coming up to Scotland (Edinburgh to be precise ) on 19th, 20th and 21st March to do a family shoot. I have time to do 5 more whilst I am there and I might as well make the most of my time whilst inhaling the beauty of such a beautiful city. If you are interested in booking a session, please email me HERE. I can stop off enroute if you live on the outskirts of Edinburgh on the Friday.


Shirley Davis said...

Could you pop an Actimel in to counteract the havoc? I drink one-a-day and it has really helped me to calm the internals down to a respectable regime! The shake looks yummy pummy!

Savannah Brentnall said...

Have you ever thought about adding greens to the mix? Seriously--it sounds crazy, but you don't taste them at all and it's a really easy way to eat the healthy stuff. Start with a cup of spinach leaves. If you add a banana, that's all you taste (and don't be put off by the green color!)

I like 2 cups spinach, 1 frozen banana (useful thing to do with browning bananas), a handful of blueberries and whatever fruit I have around, then a cup of milk or milk/yoghurt. Yum!

Amelie said...

when you coming down this way to photograph us then ;)

Rae said...

oooh, might have to try it. could do with some non caffeine energy. I've always been a little scared to put oats in though. not sure why.... :oS

LME said...


The elephant punch looks great I dont blame you for where you keep it :)