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5 Feb 2010

Rapidweaver - wow!

Has anyone got this program?

When I first downloaded it I thought - gah, im so stunted in what I can do. But then I used the powers of CSS editing and digital design and suddenly I am catapulted into a whole new world of possibilities.

Lemme explain (and do feel free to fall asleep whilst I do).
Ive been trying to edit my original website at for a long time but the program I had, to do that, required a PC. I no longer have a PC and had trouble locating a WYSIWYG authoring piece of software. You see, when you get a mac everything for it then becomes ridiculously expensive. In the mean time I had resorted to putting my shop on a blog style website and that just looks poo until yesterday when I got myself the Rapidweaver program. So I downloaded it and saw that it was limited to 40 themes. UGH, they were all putrid and made me feel ill looking at them. None of them were pretty. Im a girly girl, I likes pretties.

Not wanting to sit on my festering pit of disgust in hope that some angel in the night would come and re-do my website for me, I have spent most of today training myself on custom style sheet and lo and behold, I can now hack into said ugly themes and pretty them up. Honest to goodness, online tutorials are the BEST. Libraries for referencing are a thing of the past, sadly but I can command the knowledge I need in 30 friggin seconds without putting my shoes on. I love that but also admit I like the smell of old books and you can often see me in a library sniffing shelves of foisty old copies of mills and boon.

I drew myself a pretty girl for my soon-to-be-brilliant again website (she will be one of many digital stamps that I am planning to sell as downloads when my website gets back to looking semi spectacular)and this mini-me is the ultimate result of my working day

However, my incredible social evening consisted of KFC with my uber curly girly friend Louisa Mclean followed by lardy cup cakes, tea and more crap at Pret a Manger afterwards. I love troughing through the worlds supply of lard in one night. It pays dividends for the next day (tomorrow) where I'll be suitable charged for another days programming. Ooooh check me out, I said programming!

**talking of tutorials, have you considered my digi scrapping tutorial? (see post below)**


Claire Brennan said...

WOW Just found you and knocked over the tea cup rushing to bookmark you!! lol. I've been wondering about learning the css stuff, think I'll give it a go and the digi tutorial is on my list, sooo need to know how to do that!!!

Lizzie said...

Love the cute little girl/mini-me stamp... when will these be available? You should put them in your Etsy shop too... they'll be so cool!
Digi tutorials are the best. I found out soooo much from them when I started my blog. And loads of peeps I know post fabby craft tutorials... I even learned about printmaking and some more bookbinding techniques..
Aren't people generous with their knowledge? I love me some tutorials. I even make my own now - such fun!
Happy Programming (you need to be careful, you're turning tecchie!)

hello gorgeous said...

oooo, she is GORGEOUS! what's her name?

Can't wait to see your new look webby, sure it will be use!


hello gorgeous xxx