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16 Feb 2010

Panno Carka

Whenever Ellie and I talk about sweet things or heavenly delights or pancakes, for that matter, we make up silly names. Our name for Pancakes in Panno Carka. Sadly this Shrove Tuesday she was not with us to celebrate it as she is lording it at my mothers.I whipped Mark and I the annual feast of Panno Carka's with lemon and sugar (the only topping, in my opinion, that produces the right effect of luscious tongue tingling). I love them so much but then again, the mixture is actually Yorkshire Pudding mix and I am the queen champ at making them, so I was hardly going to fail on the pancake front.

Today I finished off 3 layouts. Its been a while, shall we say.................
Ive got a commission with The Scrapbook Magazine (whom I haven't scrapped for, for ages and ages). It was thrilling to get the photies out and do some magic with sakura products on them. I also made this tag although the pic is slightly crap but even so - its winging its way to the USA right now for a lady whose initial is M. And no, not Martha or Madonna.

Mark and I took the pooch out for a walk as his lazy butt was stuck in this position most of the afternoon. Mark and I watched some of the freestyle figure skating (The Chinese winners were breathtaking) but seeing as the afternoon turned out to be shiny and happy, we whipped Eddy's lead on and jogged him round the park. It wasn't particularly dry underfoot and I kept skidding everywhere. The paths were bleak and still wintry looking until we spied little dollops of these everywhere. Instant smiles and thoughts of spring filled my heart and I was back to skipping along with the dog, ignoring the misery of dark and wet thickets, soggy lanes and uninteresting things to take pictures of.

By the time we got back to the car, Eddy was manky. Its a good job we bring a towel on every walk and no sooner had we wrapped him up and got the worse off did we whip him up to the shower for a hosing down with Johnsons baby shampoo. Hmmmm, he smells delish. Ive been watching the Brits tonight and chewing on his ear going "nyang nyang nyang nyang nyang" as I consume his cleanliness and super yummy Dachshund scent.

**By the way, Liam Gallagher was a complete knob rot tonight. He spoiled some of the Brits and himself (big style) in a rather embarrassing fashion. IDIOT.


Angela W said...

So glad you completed some layouts! Can't wait to see your stuff!

Pat said...

I love snowdrops, fill you with hope somehow.
Liam Gallagher is a total idiot, what a role model! xx

kirsticoo said...

When is Liam not a knob....

Glad you had your lovely walk with your doggie... we sadly had to have ours put to sleep last of the worst things I have ever ad to do...take care and have a good day...xoxo

Di said...

Re. Liam - at that point we switched over in disgust. Wonder how many others did?


angie's blogspot said...

ooh spring is on way yeah! hate winter and summer, lurve spring and autumn, yep proper knob LG last night nearly choked on me lager when PK said KNOB, lol, I went to see oasis in Heaton Park last year, but have to admit I enjoyed Kasabian more, would like to go to one of their concerts. xxx

Anonymous said...

knob rot? masterful!!!!!
love to the absent curlygirl

Lulubelle x

Sandrine Deleuze said...

WOW WOW WOW I love your simplicity tag !!! So beautiful !!!! Can Ia sk you what stamps (dress form and alphas) you used to create this pure beauty ?? I loooooooove them !!! Thank you so much ! I'm happy I found your blog !! Smooches from Belgium ;-)