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3 Feb 2010

New super wizzy "learn how to digi scrap" video

3 years ago I sold a 6 part class in order to teach people digi scrapbooking.
It was very successful.
I now realise from some of those students that reading a class is not half as fun as being shown.
So I have thought long and hard about it and have decided to make a video that will teach you the absolute basics and most brilliant essentials to get you going in just 35 minutes!

Ive invested in a screen video programme that actually records the actions of what I teach on screen because along with digi scrapping, there are other tutorials Id like to produce for photo editing and manipulation too.

So as from tomorrow you can buy "How to digi scrap in 35 minutes" for a measly £5. Its concise and straight to the point. No boring lectures on what this does or that does. Its a case of showing you how to move objects, orientate them, resize them and how layers work How to shade and how to correct mistakes. How to colour pick and use text. And there are no super long boring bits (ok, except for a 30 second moment where I lost an element but it did actually help create a scenario to do something else!). It really is a fantastic way to teach you the basics of creating blog headers too (in conjunction with this tutorial here)

This is the layout you will be able to re-create (feel free to use your own digi kits that you can either buy or download for free from millions of websites)(credits of the kit go to Cyndi Miller at Divine Digitals) which is on sale for $2 - shut up, I know!
Im all a flutter!

Im also set for TV at Noon on 3rd March too........... scream!


Lisa Hemmings said...

I've been looking on line and am really confused about the whole digi scrapping thing. I need to just be shown it.
I can't wait to purchase it!
Thank you
Lisa xx

hello gorgeous said...

what a fab idea! may have to invest ;o)

Also need a gentle reminder fo 3rd March....closer to the time (as if you wouldn't, lol!)


hello gorgeous xxx

Michelle said...

Find Digi so very scary and will throw my money your way to help de-mistify me and help me find my way in the digi-murk!

Mj said...

Great idea looking forward to buying it Mj x

Clarky J said...

Fantastic news!

Shirley Davis said...

All very exciting...esp 3rd March...noted in diary...C&C, I assume...

Rach said...

OMGosh is it 3 years since I did that course! I still have it printed out next to the computer and often refer to it still. I got to say it was very useful so if this course is half as useful it will be well worth the money. x

Lynda said...

OMG Kirsty 3rd March! Well done!

Lynda xxx