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26 Feb 2010

Lost for words

I am sat here thinking that I ought to have a poignant blog entry for you all or gorgeous words of wisdom. But I don't have a thing I could share with you - no project, no links to anywhere spectacular or even a picture of my dog.

I do, however, want to say that I find it so lovely that I have regular visitors to my blog every single day. So thank you for coming but I'm sorry I don't have anything mesmerising for you today.

Have a stupendous weekend :)


Bettyann said...

sometimes all you have is the normal everyday stuff...Am happy nothing bad is happening..take care and have a great week-end..

Anonymous said...

Hi Kirsty

Any ideas when the new CD will be posted ?

Cath said...

Ah but still your stalkers come.....
have a good day.

Anonymous said...

i'm one of your daily visitors, love the things you like, and the things you make, you often make me smile,
have a lovely weekend caroline xx

Pat said...

I pop in every day, love to see your creations, and hear all about Ellie and Eddie :)
Hope you have a lovely weekend x

Clarky J said...

I am a daily visitor too x Glad you have nothing important to post I was beginning to think I lead a very dull life with nothing happening to me on a regular basis LOL x Janet

Carol said...

never thought i'd see the day when Kirsty Wiseman was lost for words....has to sit down LOL

Jenni said...

We all have days like this, but always check in to see what you've been up to. Funny how everybody else's life seems much more exciting than our own!
Jenni x

Lizzie said...

No News is Definitely Good News, Kirsty!
The Kirsty Groupies will still drop by... we forgive you for having a normal life (for a change!)

Sue Ramsay said...

As long as all is well thats what matters x

Dylan said...

blimey O'Riley girl, you ill or what..!!! you could always show snippets of the fabby bithday pressie you are making me...!!!! XXX
only 13 sleeps xx
hey just thought, do you wanna come play at mine on Tues in Dinas class, will cost ya a new profile photo and a Wispa bar. Mwah xx

hello gorgeous said...

hey gorgeous, well not sure how it happened...but it did! I MISSED your last 3 - yes THREE - posts!!!

So what have I missed - a GORGEOUS creation using the russian dolls - REALLY gorgeous card! Some FABULOUS CD loveliness and, ummmm....a dodgy boiler - of which I can empathise with you completely!! - ours died last week, had the "man that can" around to check it out but he "couldn't" for five days!!!! Brrr! So now we are all toasty and SOOO excited to have HOT water (which we hadn't had for over a year!)all just by turning a tap - instead of boiling the kettle! Poo! I raise my glass to your gasman call out! ;o)

Oh! fab news for Mark - at long last he can get stuck in....I bet it has been really frustrating, just waiting...grr!

anyway, continue with your running round in rediness for your tv craftyness - I am sky+-ing it as I type! ;o)


hello gorgeous xxx