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14 Feb 2010

Lady of the night? Me? No, no more

Last year I blogged about my very first red bag.

Ooooooh, I hear you say and I know what you are thinking...........
because when I was a girl, I too was under the impression that if you had a red bag or a pair of red shoes you were associated with girls of the night, jezebels, painted ladies, ho's, scarlet women; you know, complete and utter prozzies.

I didn't know whether to buy a statement of a bag, that time last year, in fear of being labelled as such a heathen but I braved the looks and stares and before long I was proud to show off my slutty red bag. I loved the design and feel of it plus, for £20, felt it was a complete bargain (although I couldn't help but think what I could earn for a "night on the game" and indeed earn enough to buy something more designer like a Birkin or Louis Vuitton - ahaaaa!).

Aaaaanyway, she says as she steers you away from pondering over the thought of me being set loose under the red lights of Wigan, Im very sad to report that my little slutty red bag is dying a death of cheap bag deaths ...... look ->so the hunt was on to utilise my birthday money, this weekend, in order to phase it out of my life in return for something more subtle and not in your face. And I found it. A lovely was-39-pounds-now-19-pounds green bag - big enough to hold my Canon 5D and whopper sized lenses with room for my lippy, purse and other essentials like chewy, hair clips, bobbles, photos, mints, mazzy, mirror, pen, paper and phone. I'm not into bags with 1,000 compartments or ones that jangle and jangle and can blind a man at 40 paces. No, this rather humble looking bag is looking more and more like a mummy bag each hour I have it in my possession; which is in effect what I am.

But wait! Im not quite finished with my red bag just yet, though because Im going to use some of the components on a layout. And I also have to slowly phase it out of my life as smoothly as I will have to also phase my green bag inbut something just struck me as I looked at these pictures. Gone is the fear of being labelled as the next "Belle De Jour". Oh no! Im now living in fear of people pointing at me as they exclaim "Ugh look at her with a snot green bag".

I wish I had of bought a blue one now, nothing is as safe as a lovely blue bag.


Bettyann said...

Hello..I do not think of you as doing safe...go for the bright..Had a red bag that died the cheap death also..have a lime green summer bag I love sooooo much...take care....

オテモヤン said...


Shirley Davis said...

I think the new bag is enviable! I too am looking for a bag large enough to take my A5 size organiser/folder and the normal detritus of being a woman (though not a young mummy). So, spill the beans Kirsty, where did you get that bag? Pretty please...

Kate said...

Please tell me you don't just have the one bag on the go? Surely that's not possible, and must be illegal!! ** Kate **

Pat said...

Great bag, but your old one was lovely. I hate it when loved bags die :( xx

Nina said...

Kirsty you do make me giggle! A prozzie! I have never thought about red bags in that way. I will now though!

Carmen said...

I never knew that about red bags! ooer!

Hullabaloo said...

Aw no. I still have that exact same red bag and I love it. (It even fits my camera!) Tis not slutty it is decadent! ( You never NEED red shoes or bags - you buy them simply because you LOVE them!) Can't wait to see what you do with it on a layout!

The green bag is nice too tho!

apartyof5 said...

that is a fab bag - looks a useful size for anything.
is it available online?

Sandie said...

Safe is for feint hearted..... not for you!!

Love them!

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Slutty red to bogie green.

I have a red bag as well you know! A Radley one called 'Daisy' with gorgeous flowers on in fact. I love it and it fits my camera in that comes to work with me and everywhere I go.

I also have a bag that's almost the same colour green as your newbie. She's called 'Elba'! LOL

And you mocked me for spending oodles on a bag... at least mine lasted! HAHA! xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

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Thanks so much. Love Ya!

Gail said...

I used to have a lovely red bag which died. I did however scrapbook it and it's contents at the time and now it is waiting to be chopped up and put through my Bigshot when the occaision arises I "need" some red diecuts!! Loving the new bag and my snot has never looked that colour lol

Emily said...

I have a red bag AND red shoes!!!!! I love them both very much! I had forgotten until I read your post that they were associated with ladies of the night! ;o)

Cazzy said...

Someone used to say to me Red Hat no knickers, or Red whatever I was wearing!
Nice bag, can you really get a 5D in there?

I just bought a Rocha John Rocha in Debenhams sale, thought it may not have been in the sale at £65 I love it and could probably get my 500d in but then what would I do with my rucksack?

Cazzy x

DGgirl said...

AS a self-confessed red bag lover I can fully appreciate your concerns about the shift in colour Kirsty. My red bag(s) \are soooo red that my husband unfailingly refers to them as my "tarty" bags. Do men know somethng we don't LOL!!!!!?

Love the new bag though - where did you get it?