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3 Feb 2010

Its here!

Ive had a looooooong week bringing this video together. The pleas and cries for help from wanna-be digi scrappers was huge and thinking back some 3 years ago, I too was one of the criers! I hunted on youtube and anywhere that would give me the "low down in a digi scrapping showdown" in one place. But it was hard so I thought "Ok, Kirsty - lets do it!"

If you have photoshop elements or indeed photoshop you can learn from this tutorial very quickly including all the basics to get you going. When I first started I was so frustrated because I didn't know how to move my pretty papers on to my canvas let alone understand change orientation and switch between layers. I just wanted someone to show me. In the end, Yvonne Izzard explained it to me over the phone which was far better than reading stuff I didn't necessarily need to know..... just to get started, anyway.

Creating a visual tutorial was a great learning curve for me. I had recorded it almost 9 times to get it right without any major crew ups but alas I can kick back knowing that a visual tutorial (as opposed to reading material) is so much easier
Click here to buy my tutorial which will start as soon as you have paid for the class

**important notice - have Quick Time running in a new window when you pay for the class as the video can only be viewed in this program. There are links to download it for FREE on the shop page**

Thank you and I hope you have a blast getting to grips with that nemesis we have avoided for so long!


Anonymous said...

Loved the digitut video,Kirsty !
Please do the sequel on brushes and masks asap- I can't wait !!.You are a fab communicator and don't worry about your accent - its clear, delightful and waht's more it projects fun and wisdom.

Thanks again
Tricia in Newcastle
PS thanks for the great link to the crochet flower pattern.It's very kind of you to respond so quickly. You can tell your love and enthusiasm for design informs everything you do !! As the US lasses say 'You go girl !!

Vicki said...

Don't fear digi - embrace it wholeheartedly!! Can't wait to see some digi layouts from you Kirsty! hugs xx