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25 Feb 2010

Its gettin closer

Oh my, my CD airs on Wednesday next week (create and craft, noon 3rd March) and Im running around chasing my tail but having to fit extra bits n pieces in too. Its one of those things where you hate it but love it at the same time. I actually thrive on deadlines, I do but would give my kidneys to have a normal 9-5 sometimes. Well, not very often, just perhaps today :)

Ive had a nightmare trying to integrate a sophisticated cart on my website that will allow digital downloads to be delivered upon receipt of purchase. Im 95% done on it but the script writing on it would even boggle Steve Jobs. For now, if anyone wishes to buy the few digi stamps I have on my website, I will have to mail them manually - so sorry about this small hiccup. As a result, I have made two freebies on my website which you can collect by clicking on the links below. They are vector based and come in outline and coloured jpegs and png's.
You can get them on my website (click shop at the top of the page) and search the freebies section.

Do you remember me telling you that my momma had bought me a Suzi Blu Les Petit Dolls class for my birthday at the beginning of the month?. Well in my (very little) free time I have been preparing her, colouring her, painting her and going to town on the canvas that she will sit on. Today I finalised the whole canvas by adding soft string into the mixed media design even though it is all stylised in a pearly white finish. I loved faffing with the texture paint and book print paper too. I think I am meant to make the background all grungy and messy but with this being my first canvas from the class, I wanted the focus to be on my doll when she is complete. I have given her the temporary name of Tallulah Pinkerton-Sedgwick but of course I am bound to change my mind; in true Kirsty fashion.

Ive been blog hopping today and landed on the Queen of creative genius. This incredibly delicate piece of art is the brain child of Leanndra French. Its a UTEE glazed birdcage that she made in the most trickiest way but of course Im guessing she found it pretty simples.Well I had to ring her up, I was literally blasted from my seat when I saw it. Of course I was also ringing her up for advice on molds and silicone moldings and even that turned into an hour on the phone. She happens to be the most underrated mixed media artist in the UK - I think she and Dyan Reavely ought to have their own techniques slot on telly. I have to say that every time I see Leanndra demonstrating I am transfixed and get so inspired that I cant wait to get home and get a crack on with something crafty. I sincerely hopes she brings out a technique video soon and pretty much pronto, I love instructional videos and books - they are keepers. Anyway, Im jabbering on a bit so go HERE to see how this all came together **am v v envious**

And finally how decadent are these little morsels? Primula cheese on ritz crackers. I sure am the queen of canapes - so creative, no?

PS: Check two posts down to add your name to win some russion dolly stamps. Ill draw a winner on Friday.


Anonymous said...

im so pleased im "incapacitated" and,therefore, FINALLY able to see your show on t'telly next week (I'll re-arrange the physio appt im supposed to be at-I'll explain why-it'll be fine....)
..and,DAMN you,Wiseman-now Im in the mood for primula(i never bother with the cracker-i lie on the sofa,squeezing directly into the mouth...) and im gonna have to toddle down to the shops unfettered,cos i havent been able to get my bra on since you see the damage your blog causes now?
cant wait to see Tallulah-will she have curlygirl hair?????
love to the curlygirl-we want pics!!!!!
Lulubelle x

Lizzie said...

Ooh, pretties... and they're free! You are soo generous and sharey - no wonder we all like you so much!

Stupid here forgot to order my cd in the end. I hope you still have one for me!

Dylan said...

hey you, Tallulah Gush is my face book stripper name. Suits me don't you think..??? Laughing at me and Leandra together, we'd get nowt done for laughing..!!! Love, love her work as well. Mixed media artists rock. I,m turning you into one slowly ha ha ..,xxx
And its Franich not French...!!!
Mwaaaaaaaaaah be-atch...xxxxx