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28 Feb 2010

Cried out and blisters

I have not one tear left in my body or spare patch of unblistered skin on my feet. Why? Well, this weekend we went to see Les Mis (cry, cry, break my frikking heart and cry some more) and both Mark and I walked practically every bloody street in London as well. And to make things worse, I thought that at Marble Arch tube station, I'd walk up every step instead of using the escalator. Big mistake. Huge.

Saying that, we have had the best time but missed Belle and the dog really bad. Those guys are our life.

I wanted to make this post quick so my fam can read we are back safe and sound if not completely and utterly knackered.

Pics coming tomorrow so if you are having troub sleeping, tune in for a fast effective cure to your insomnia ;)


hello gorgeous said...

yaaay! SO glad u loved it....have yet to see it myself, but just KNOW I will LOVE it too! ;o)


hello gorgeous xxx

Pat said...

Glad you enjoyed your trip, no place like home though :) xx

Bettyann said...

ohhh so happy you had a fab time in London..envy you..Looking forward to seeing and hearing about the fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to hearing about Les Mis.

Hope you managed to fit in a cupcake after climbing Marble Arch stairs.

I climbed Covent Garden station spiral steps, all 193 of them. Nearly had a coronary. Have learnt my lesson to be more patient and wait for the lift in future!

Anna x

Jak Heath said...

Oh Gosh that brought back memories, les Mis is my favourite of favourites and I went with my mam to see it a good few years back and I cried like a baby so much so that it was ages before I dared to leave the theatre.
Mam is in a wheelchair so I like you was blistered out and totally exhausted from pushing her to get back to our hotel, but boy did I sleep well lol!

Darcy said...

glad you had a fabby time, I knew you would love it. Can't wait to see photomagraphical evidence.

smoochie hugs.x