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6 Feb 2010

Baking buns for baby

Im having a lovely weekend with my brother and sis in law.
Kerry is 27 weeks pregs and we baked especially for the baby. Only for the baby, mind and he liked it. Of course I had to test them before allowing Kerry to eat who obviously scoffed by proxy. We know lil beanie baby loved it because he cried for more.......and naturally, we obliged. As well as lemon and dark chocolate cake and triple choc cup cakes, we also made a lemon crunch cake and cornflake cakes. All for baby (and me). Mlam!

Ive been on a permanent sugar rush today and if I didn't sneak a crumb every 20 minutes my body went into withdrawal. Man, We created a monster - because of baby!

On top of baking and slobbng out I finalised a few images so here is a sneak of Tilly Teardrop, Lemmony Sherbert and Trixie Firecracker who are part of the Delilah Golightly range. Im working up a storm on matching papers and embellishments that will coincide with my new look website next week.

**big secret time....I have more fun dressing her than I do drawing her!**


hello gorgeous said...

I LOVE 'em! ;o)

Maybe you could bring out a new Delilah Golightly dressing up book (you know with the tabs on the sides to bend around the muse!)....especially for the little 'uns!! There's a thought! ;o)


hello gorgeous

CatSlater said...

I just stumbled on to your blog, and, Girl, I love your philosophy!!!

Carmen said...

Ohhhh. Cake. Num! You are so good to do that just for the baby ;)

Sharon said...

Oh wow - how cute x x x

Shirley Davis said...

Bless the blessed and beloved little baby!

Having had a sugar-inspired weekend because was bought box of Thorntons, I know where you are coming from - have energy to burn and a hubby who wants his bed!

Love the new image - you are a talented and funny lady - am enjoying getting to know your work, Kirsty.

Pauline said...

Happy birthday (I think it's Monday? If it's not Happy un-Birthday!!)

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday Kirsty!

Well it's Monday here in the land of OZ - so I thought I would get in early.

XXXs & smooshes to you

Sharon in Tassie

Lizzie said...

No, no, I want the dress-up book for me! Forget the little 'uns!

Lovely little ladies, Kirsty. When can I buy?

The cakes looked sooo yum. I might have to go and do some baking. Now. Yeah, now...

Happy Birthday btw! X