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31 Jan 2010

Work in progress

We have been redecorating our hallway for a few months now.

The hid.e.ous. artexed walls have all gone being replaced with sleek, plastered newness, the ugly teak stained wood has been coated with a pure white gloss and the boring cream coloured walls have been replaced by duck egg blue and white. The carpet went from biscuit to chocolate (yum!) and away went the African themed curtains to................ahem, still waiting for the right moment to sew the new duck egg blue, white and chocolate patterned curtains! But with my tax return put to bed I think this week my sewing machine will get an airing. I taught myself how to make curtains years ago and I pride myself on such an ability although, to be fair, its not hard.

We covered the radiator with a custom designed unit (radiators are plain puke'ster, you think?) and then we stopped decorating for a few weeks. Mainly because I was collecting ornate frames from charity shops, flea markets and where ever I could legally lay my hands on them to eventually paint them white and scatter them on my "one duck egg blue" wall (the rest are white). I'm awaiting one 8x6 inch photo to arrive before I can share you my lovely scatter frame wall but for now, I can show you our recessed wall at the bottom of the stairs.
I can also share a peep of the outer edge of my scatter frame wall too with this canvas I had made through this company here.
My hallway is such a joy to gambol through instead of wanting to vomit every time I come home. For 6 whole years our hallway has been the bain of our lives and now its almost complete and looking ever-so-lovely, I can kick back and admire its calm presence.

**sigh, I have a lovely hallway, perhaps my life is all but complete..................??**


Anonymous said...

Artex walls!!! What on earth possesses some people! Our WHOLE house has them! Yup! Even the kitchen!! Just in the process of getting it sorted and you have inspired me to keep going. Mmmmm Duck egg blue and chocolate; was considering that for my bedroom but maybe it would be wrong to shut it away? Loooove the canvas by the way - off to have a looksie at their website. HeyJude! xx

kirsticoo said...

Lovely Kirsty... looks very calming and serene...xoxo

hello gorgeous said...

is that a transfer lamp in the recess - ingenius (if it is) - love the colour combo and can't wait to see you show off your newly created curtains in a wide shot of your fabulously decorated hallway!


hello gorgeous xxx

Carmen said...

Ooh do you know, till I read that comment above, I thought that was a real lamp! This is gorgeous, looks like something out of a magazine. My Dads whole house is artexed, it's the bane of his life. There's enough to dust without the ridges on the walls gathering it all too. My nightmare is woodchip wallpaper. Everywhere. And it's a rented house so can't pull it down. Bah!

Bettyann said...

Oh Kristy your hallway looks so lovely..looking forward to more pictures of your re-doing..

mommy2alex said...

What a yummy blue, gorgeous with the contrast of white! And OH my, that canvas of your lovely is beautiful!!

D@nielle said...

wow it looks fab! You will never believe it but my hallway is finally getting the finishing work done by DH 5 years after the addition we had done ... So happy so I can totally relate :)

cannycrafter said...

Looks fab! Can't wait to see the rest! Caroline x

Anonymous said...

hey,Northern Chick-our store do a A4 print-and-make-your-own box canvas for a tenner...I made one up as an example and they look so cool! apparently,theyre bringing a A3 version out soon....woop!
love to the curlygirl
Lulubelle x

Sharon said...

Oh I DO love the blue and white finish! I'm obsessed by those colours. Well done on your decorating, bet your glad it's finished.

radiator cabinets in uk said...

i think you have done a nice job, your hallway looks great.