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19 Jan 2010

Woohoo - cheaper prints

Boy was I maxed out with these prints at Christmas time. I posted out so many, I thought my post mistress was going to batter me around the head with them.


Ive a new batch just in yesterday and struck a deal with my manufacturers to bring the cost RIGHT down - They are now £5 each (£9 for two) which makes me heave a sigh of relief as before I didn't get a good deal from the printer. As I normally sell these to shops but I thought Id pass on the savings of bulk buying to you too. Go and have a look at some reductions in my shop and see if there is anything that tickles your fancy.

I have my old Minilopes back in stock (do you remember those?) and new GORGE 9x4inch Birch Bark panels that would make lovely book covers (pics to it is 2am, refuse to use flash photog!). Also, in preparation for my 2nd CD, my first CD is reduced too.

I shall be back tomorrow with a minibook that I made with my Birch Bark covers plus another giveaway.


Anonymous said...

cant wait to check out your new cd-I havent bought any craft stuff for,God,it must be almost a day,now....withdrawal symptoms on my day off!
Love to the CurlyGirl
Lulubelle x

Thinkie said...

The cake-version is great :-)

DanielleL said...

Keep calm and eat cake? Of course!
I couldn't resist sticking another version I found on the Rubbish Revamped website. Take a look at
Do a mouse-over on the 'Keep calm and carry on' image.
Hope you're well Kirsty
love from the sock monsters xxx