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24 Jan 2010

We lay like brocolli

Roz and her son, Ben came to visit us this weekend. I haven't seen her in months. And she drove 3 hours to come for, in effect, 36 hours! It was good to see them both as we hadn't planned on doing anything this weekend (well, I do have my blasted tax return to round off but you know - that sod can wait!). This meant we all could pretty much slouch - and we did!

Seriously though, I have not slouched THIS much in a long time and whilst it was good to recharge it also left me feeling a LOT worse. Roz needed the relaxation more than I, I think, but man I was ready to blow the stink off me come 6pm tonight. Of course the weekend went far too quick and all I can recall is chatting, eating and vegging.

Eating came by the way of home cooking for guests (yay!) so before I made Meat and tater pie (twice this week....I love winter food) I made this soup........ curried almond and coconut soup. Its a spin on Roz's original recipe but I added coconut milk and mango chutney to add a little diversity.
Mark loved it so much, I made extra to add to the left overs of yesterday and had it again tonight.

With Roz and Ben safely back in Glasgow I can try and get an early night for a change but lo and behold....IM WIDE AWAKE! Got some Greys Anatomy to catch up on so Ill opt for watching that as I'm organising some more storage solutions for my major organisation marathon of 2010 in the craft room.

Toodle oooooo xx


Suzi R said...

You should write a book on craft and cooking. You amaze me with picture of projects or food every time I visit. That's inspiring.

Heather said...

Soup! I like soup!!
Love your blog :)

Carmen said...

Ohhhh it looks so yummmm! Ummmm. Can you beat a thick soup with crusty buttered bread? I think not... maybe being able to eat it alone so no one sees me dribbling soup but, hey we can't have everything *g*

Roz said...

had an amazing weekend with you MEEK's, off to find some foot funghi now, mwahahahahah

tara said...

love your blog the food pics look so yummy making me hungry can we have the soup receipe please
Tara xx

Carol said...

ooh, the soup looks lush! - would love the receipe :)

Sarah (UKS Smelly) said...

oh that soup sounds loverly. Would love or you to post the full recipe if possible, please