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31 Jan 2010

Tax doesnt have to be so taxing

In all the 6 years I have been self employed, this year was the first time I did my tax return by myself. I have had many lovely advisers in the past and great helpers too (Lynne!!!) but this year I did it by myself. I was petrified of doing it wrong only to have some hairy tax inspector come knocking at my door and breathing fire down my neck because I may be a penny out (which I am not, im 23p out so I took that as wages!).
So to treat ourselves, Belle and I went out this afternoon to do girly stuff, eat crap and then veg out on the sofa whilst the boys (my hubby and my bro) went to football (boooooo, but then Liverpool trounced Bolton so in effect, yaaaaaaay!)
Ive been working on my Les Petit Dolls class and have managed to draw something pretty amazing ALREADY (well, to me at least!) so it goes to prove the class is well worth the investment (see a few posts down to see what I am talking about). Needs shading and neatening in places but from someone who is pretty crappy at drawing, Im gittin' somehwere!
In the mean time I am in the middle of creating some pretty lovely craft robo shapes for you to buy if that is your thang. Having all these illustrator skills and not being able to utilise them fully seems a waste so I have to get cracking with them to be on sale soon. Im also creating a CD full of them as well which is a lot of hard work for me right now.
Ok, off to bed as we are taking the dog to the beach tomorrow as its going to be beautiful here in sunny Wigan.
Cia amigos x


Lynn said... are joking aren't you, ran my son to Ashton at 11.45 and the gritters were out??? I hope you're right about the sun though ... can you spare a bit for us down the road in Leigh? I suppose I'd better get to bed too, I usually check up on you late 'cos I know that you're an 'owl' too.

Lynn x

Lynnda said...

glad to hear you are joining the C&C gang would be nice to catch up with you there

Carmen said...

Oh your drawings are gorgeous! Twitchy finger towards the pay button again...

My OH has to do his tax returns too so I really feel for you on that count.

(Sorry for multiple comment postings btw - having a bloggy catchup and am terrible for not reading the whole bits of missed blog THEN commenting.)