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21 Jan 2010

Ribbon, slurpy delicious ribbon (2 videos)

Any crafter worth their salt has a stack of this at home. I know you spend all day lavishingly cultivating your best jars in which you store them but to never indeed use them. Good grief, No. Sacrilege! On the occasions you do use it I bet, like me, you keep your spare ends and pieces waiting to be useful in a project that will never happen.

This tag here hold another quote for my tag collection and I feel its true. You surround yourself with happy people - you are happy. You surround yourself with unhappy people..... well, you know the answer to that one! My, how I have learned from that! I would love my girl to take note from my tags for her because whilst I think its a creative release for me, the quotes are life lessons for her. Double whammy.

I got fed up of all my odds and ends of ribbon that I decided how best you can use them in this video here - you asked for the vids, so I make ....2 minutes of Steven Spielberg directing and Im suddenly up for an Oscar!

and here I get you to use your proper ribbon stash to work itself into a new ribbon use frenzy in this video here. You hear that? Im going to get you to cut into your ribbon stash FOR REAL! So, repeat this mantra after me : I will restrain my inner craft demon from erupting as I reluctantly use 10 inches of my delicious ribbon. Your eyes have to go all swirly and zombie like for this to work effectively.

I see plenty of projects coming from my craft room over the next few weeks with this quick and ever-so-pretty ribbon magic. Please share with me any of your ribbon magic so I can also try and persuade my inner craft demon to allow me to free the ribbon stash!


Anonymous said...

Love your inspiration! I have card making supplies which I treasure! Way toooo many!!! I may invite my daughters friends (late teens) to help me create! Now I want to use them and give them. What good do they do in my storage! Thanks!

Heather said...

lovely quick trick!!

Katy said...

Kirsty i love your videos keep them coming, now off to have a rummage through my MILLIONS of ribbons.

Much Love Katy xxxx

Katty Bell said...

Love, love, love these cute tags! The sentiment is sooo true :)
Keep the vids going...they're faaaboolous!

Boo said...

You made that look TOOO easy - I shall be all thumbs trying to cobble it up no doubt lol - but will give it a go! I missed Ellie - was hoping to hear her voice - get her come and say "hi" next time and give us one her sweet smiles and wave to Boo. :D

Anonymous said...

Loving all your little videos!! Most inspiring! Keep 'em coming!
Scrappy Nina

Lisa Hemmings said...

Kirsty, I love your videos!
Kepp 'em coming!!
Lisa xx

Mini said...

Super tips - thank you!

Shirley Davis said...

Really enjoyed this video (you're famous on the Craft Telly forum now!)

As you completed your ribbon flower, I wondered if the loose cotton ends were going to be used to sew a button in the middle (instead of brad). Just a thought, Kirsty. I'll try it.