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10 Jan 2010


It really does feel like Ive walked through my wardrobe and into Narnia.
Only Im not like naughty Edward; although I wouldn't mind an abundance of Turkish Delight.

Mark and I braced ourselves for the coldest walk of the year with poochy poo and I dragged along my camera for the ride. It was exhilarating. Ok, its only our local park (again) but the light and shapes and the mystery that it transformed into was not the sight I was expecting. We have had a total of 7 inches here, more than there has been for a looooooooooong time. But its all been compacted and compounded by trucks, cars and feet together with -7 temperatures into the most treacherous and dangerous ice ever. No gritters have graced our town whatsoever and I so feel for the older folk who are taking fairy steps to edge along the pathways to get to the shops. Please, please help those who are less fortunate than yourselves (health and fitness wise) to get to the shops for food.

Anyway, Narnia............this is my walk and I hope you like:

Icicles from our roof taken from my bedroom

With no time to be artistic on this walk, i grabbed what snaps I could in fear of frostbite. I love this little bridge on our walk, it always beckons me to walk across even though its left off our pathway. So I often just walk over and back again....just because.

Hello lil robin red breast. How still you sat for me.

Me and my best boy, my love, my friend, my companion........

I love him this much x 1927458328364758693 x inifinity

A tunnel of arched trees, laden with what-felt-like fairy dust and magic
My two boys, sigh.

Sometimes Mark stands like caveman - ug!

Home again, down our street and admiring the curves of the soon-to-bloom cherry blossoms.

Gotta say though, that snow isnt so pretty now after a fairly warm day (ie 1 degree celcius!!!).

Ive made another little quick make tutorial, but as ever, its taking flaming ages to upload. Therefore I shall share that tomorrow. In the meantime, wrap up warm, snuggle up close and be glad we don't live in Siberia. Or even the outer Heberdes. And Wigan. Oh, wait. I do live in Wigan.

"Oh is that the Estate Agent?, we need a valuation..................Yes, thats right. Spain"


sarah said...

stunning photographs as always kirsty. you live in a such a pretty area!

Traci Cornelius said...

It looks stunning and your photos as ever make me sigh in contentment and envy! LOL miss you heaps off to work again now Blugh but will try and call if not it will be that old fashioned hand written thing.... oh yes a letter!

Loads of love Traci x

Lisa Hemmings said...

So lovely to see the pictures Kirsty. They look so different covered in snow, i'm sure we have seen them at the height of summer too! Beautiful...
We had to have our little dog put to sleep just before christmas (he was 2 1/2) and my heart aches when I see your boy. If you never have a dog, you just don;t get that love do you?
Looking forward to the tutorial tomorrow
Lisa xxx

Colette said...

You are such a talented lady, beautiful photography!

hello gorgeous said...

I LOVE what the snow makes you see! It is SO magical...almost as if you ARE in Narnia! LOVE the pics Kirsty, if only it wasn't SO bloody cold! ;o)

hello gorgeous xxx

P.S. haven't taken ANY pics of the snow so yours are a true delight to view! xx

angie's blogspot said...

Don't bother with spain! my brother says they have snow too, xx

Annie said...

im in Leeds and the snow here is bad too :( looks pretty for a while but gets boring after a few days when you cant even get out of the end of the street!!

Zoe said...

Am lovin the snow and your photos make it look even more gorgeous xx

Sam said...

love your pix as usual Kirsty. Your park looks a lovely place to walk. and what a polite little robin, posing for his picture.

Sharon said...

gorgeous photos!!
I especially like the photo of the bridge and the arched trees but my favourite is the robin - so sweet!!!

Terrie B x said...

`Gawgess`.....Im so jelous we havent had a drop of snow :(

Paula Pascual said...

Be careful what you wish for, some parts of Spain is way colder than England!