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13 Jan 2010

Look - >

Its almost here:

And you see these bags under my eyes, cleverly hidden by my uberly coolacious hand glasses?
Making all the stuff for this CD did that!
And it was worth every sting in my eyes, incredibly late nights (0430 in fact which probably accounts for being early), zombified caffeine overload plus retinal burn from the mac screen.

I am very very proud of myself because it is a lot of hard work coupled with liaising with various parties to bring it together without which Id be wanting to stab my wacom pen tablet in my eyes from frustration. How some people knock these out in the space of 4 weeks get my total and utter admiration (Nikki!!!).

If you are interested in buying a CD, keep a look out for an announcement here and in my shop and ahem, on air.

**see post below for book sale - craft/scrapbook style books for sale :)


Michelle said...

Have me licking my lips already.... those colours, yummy yummy yum. As I'm the first to comment - can I have the first one to play with??

angie's blogspot said...

come on spill! are you going on c and c, cos if it aint qvc, the only other I can think of is c and c! xx

Kirsty Wiseman said...

might be Blue Peter or This Morning with Phil and Holly. Coronation street might open a craft shop when the wine bar doesnt receive its planning permish!

Creative Treasures said...

That looks fab, beautiful colours Kirsty, will keep checking back :)


Katty Bell said...

Looking lush so far...licka my 'slick' lips, in anticipation, heee!x

Lizzie said...

I can't wait... and isn't it fab that this one goes straight "on air" after all the hard work to get the last one on QVC etc? I'm excited - for you and for the rest of us that get to buy and use some more fabby stuff!

Angela W said...

Aweomse, I can't wait! I hope you can give your poor eyes a rest now! LOL!

Jo E said...

How exciting Kirsty! Always happy to accompany you again as your runner for on air performances!

Tip Top said...

Who-hoooooo!!! Bring it on!