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21 Jan 2010

Let sleeping dogs lie

This is his fave spot - on top of the armchair.
(we call it Meerkat Mountain as it is, essentially, his lookout post).
The chair is up against our fab new customised radiator cover which warms his little toasty spot a treat.
But he is a real old bossy boots, you know.
Its like he is lord of the manor and he gives you the evils if you so much as go within an inch of his personal space whilst he is ruling his kingdom.
Tough luck Eddy, you get a cuddle whether you are little doggy fontleroy or not!
PS: Eddy also has his own twitter space at @EddySuperDog - heeeeeeeeeee! He is a fabulous typer! He encourages you to follow him but be warned, that tyke doesn't hold back on his daily misgivings.


Made a super exciting discover the other night whilst making a winter warmer pie. I always make my pastry seperate so it doesnt get soggy with gravy, opting instead to make a pastry topper as opposed to a full on pie. Well I ran out of plain flour (and flour is never ever anything I ever run out of generally and I swear by organic flour. We cant always afford organic but this is the only "must have" organical!). So anyway I panicked a little as my pie wouldnt be a pie without pastry. So I scraped 3 ounces of flour together and topped the other ounce with cornflour.
But it was the most amazing accident ever. It tasted so light and crispy. If you can bare the squeaky feeling when rolling it out (and I suggest roll out thin as thick pastry toppings are too claggy). So learn from my mistake or should we say happy accident! I will, in future add a little cornflour to all my pastries in future.Please don't judge the imaginative use of peas.
Mark is pea mad.
I, myself, think they are a useless veg. I much love spring greens mixed with brocolli and leek right now. Mark hates brocolli so we are bit "jack spratt could eat not fat" when it comes to our veggies.
Anyway, shutting up about veggies and going to bed.

PS: Cool ribbon tips tomorrow :)


mommy2alex said...

What a sweet puppy!
THat dinner looks yummy!
Cannot wait to see what you have for us tomorrow! :)

Mumx4 said...

Hubby says the pie looks nice, can you share the recipe as old blog style had a food header.
You veggie ensemble sounds delish.
Off to finish making tonights curry.

Anonymous said...

woop-you said CLAGGY!!!!!
didnt think anyone else in the whole wide world says you say hacky and clarty too?
Love to the CurlyGirly
Lulubelle x

cannycrafter said...

Barney used to sleep along the back of the sofa like that in our old house, in front of the window, to be on lookout! He looks so gorgeous!x

cannycrafter said...

Forgot to add, this is the secret of cornflour! Add it to shortbread too for perfect "shortiness!"

Heather said...

I'm pea mad as well- very rich in Iron ya know xx

Boo said...

Awww just love Eddie!! My "girls" were always on guard and ready to bark and growl at anyone hapless enough to walk up the lane (which they thought they had total rights of ownership over). Heee heee. Love doggies so much. :D
Now I always made my pastry with self-raising flour - always. Tons better than my mother's (much to her horror) lol.

Deborah said...

Thankyou for the Eddy fix. And your tags for Ellie are beeeautiful. You clever sausage.

Houston said...

Oh that sweet, sweet, pup... if only he could come over and rule with my Eddie, wouldn't they be a holy terror to the neighborhood! Miss you.