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29 Jan 2010

a (kind of) lovely 36 hours

I like things that are supposed to go to plan and then after a successful mission, I reward myself by doing something so "kirsty". Like drop in on people when they least expect it and have fun. Spontaneity doesn't occur that often in this house as are we have our routines but I relish those little bursts of excitement that fuels my thrill levels from time to time.
I'll explain.
On Thursday I travelled down to Peterborough for a screen test. Naturally I was quite edgy (not as in street edgy!) and nervy as failing it would have meant that I couldn't project my product to the right customer. And that right customer is the captive audience of Create and Craft. A whole channel devoted to crafting and whose production company are overwhelmingly professional and friendly in the same breath. I actually enjoyed my screen test, looking back, as the whole production team put all the audtionees, including me, at total ease. They actually encourage you to shine. Besides the fact I talk too fast (perils of having to cram as much info in a short space of time like I have done previously on a different shopping channel!) they passed my audition which allows to me stretch out a usual 8 minute demonstration into an hour.....relief, relief, relief.
Whilst I was there I was absolutely delighted to bump into Jo Austin who I had no idea was on air that day. I think seeing a friendly face was just the thing i needed and after our work was done, we went for a coffee to catch up. I cant tell you how much of a lovely chance meeting it was with Jo that day...... thanks Jo!
On the way home I called my sister and asked her if she fancied a visitor. It was only 30 minutes out of my way (and whats 30 minutes when you have driven 3 friggin hours?). We planned to go and eat out but when I got there she didn't fancy it so I ate a light meal before we thought "sod it, lets go hit the officers mess". So we bobbed over for a bottle of Champagne. Well, i don't really drink so after 2 glasses I was wasted. But I had such a LOVELY evening with sister and of course opted to stay the night. I had planned to go home this morning but I was hung over (I know, on 2 glasses of champagne... I'm such a lightweight!). So with Becky in work, the kids in school and Becky's hubby off to the Chilcot Inquiry (he was one of thousands picked for the 30 tickets to see the "farce"), I lay in bed until late morning.
But I didn't get up and go as my sister came across a crisis which I helped de-pickle her from and stayed until 5pm before travelling home to find my brother had dropped in for the night when I got home. I cannot tell you what my brother and sister mean to me so seeing them both in 24 hours has been an early birthday pressie, if not a total tonic. We sat and watched Michael Mcintire's dvd tonight and OMG, we laughed so hard I thought I was going to pass out.

Talking of the Chilcot inquiry, I am somewhat perturbed by it all. I really am. I don't use my blog as a political soapbox but I am irked so therefore I will de-irk. I am not somebody who takes great pleasure in watching people squirming or being humiliated but I actually feel for Tony Blair, I really do. I know he is not on trial, per se. And I know he did what he thought was right at the time but this expensive and laughable kangaroo court is embarrassing. I can't see why Blair is getting such a rough ride when Bush isn't for starters. But I watched it this afternoon on the Tv as I did some work for my sister and I sat and really thought about it. Besides wondering what it will achieve, I wonder how much the money spent on this inquiry could be better spent on equipment for our servicemen elsewhere?. And then I had an awful dawning of realisation, thinking "If anyone takes this inquiry to trial and Blair was found guilty of initiating an illegal war, does that mean our soldiers, who partook in it, face trials too? Im reflecting on a certain other war trial some 60 years ago where soldiers were posed with a question and could only answer "I was only following orders'". Its food for thought, isn't it?

On a lighter note here are 3 things that cheered me up tonight after I sat festering about the consequences of the Chilcot inquiry on the news (I hate how the media really twist and stretch the crap out of everything, seriously).

These are perfect for pepping up a pair of clam diggers but not at £200 a pair **sigh**
If you haven't discovered Joe Browns clothes, you will thank me for their really wearable separates. This looks fun to bang on for walking the dog whilst looking like a pixie!And finally on my friday night wish list is this. Isn't window shopping the best?
And guess what? More happiness this weekend as I am scrapping.....Yes, I know!


Roz said...

That necklace is stunning. So any news from c & c. When you gonna be on?

Kerry said...

Joe Browns is the bees knees. Love most of their stuff.

Colette said...

Oh my giddy aunt those scarves are gorgeous! Glad all went well at C&C, look forward to seeing you on our screens. I love how they are open to bringing more and more diversity in craft demonstrators. Good luck.

CleverCrafter said...

Oh let me know when you are going to be on C&C I do hope I will be about to catch up with you, but failing that we are only 45mins away from the old studio you know....


Ali xxx

Christine (Craftling) said...

With you on the Chilcot thing, Kirsty. Well done for speaking your mind. (How long have I been reading your blog? Ages.. Shouldn't expect anything different then, eh? lol ;o) Any road up, nothing wrong with de-irking on your blog, IMHO. If people don't like it, they can go elsewhere, eh?

I know I don't say hello often, but you're never short of company here anyway, but I love everything you show/say here. Looking forward to your next CD. Must get around to buying the first one!!

Chris x

Katty Bell said...

Hey chick,
Seems like you've had quite a successful shinannagan over the past few days, well done :)
Re the chilcot thing & the media.... I was worrying something was wrong with me for daring to have a different opinion/take on it all. You are not on your own with this one

kirsticoo said...

Oooh... Oooh i am sitting here typing this up wearing my Joe Brown's sloppy big cardi...I love their stuff....xoxo

Anonymous said...

Thank god - its not just me! I keep thinking it must just be me that thinks this about Tony Blair! I dont profess to know a lot about politics and such myself, but I thought he did a lot of good for this country. So true about the media too - they totally disregard the proper facts and twist things all over the shop! If he had said he regretted his decision they would have made a bloody mountain out of it 'backtracking Blair'.
Im a regular reader and lurker around your blog Kirsty - thanks for sharing your views on this. And thanks for all the other lovely things you share with us too! Super inspiring lady, you is x

Carmen said...

I loooove Joe Browns but can never afford it so I write down which ones I like and set up a search on eBay - am usually quite lucky to pick up a bargain within a month or two :D Loving the pixie top!

My eldest is a huuuuge fan of Michael McIntyre, I'm sure she nearly wets herself each time he is on tv - hoping to try and get her tickeys to see him this year. I would be bestest Mum in the world forever 'n' ever!