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16 Jan 2010

Drag out your Vellum, kids

I know you have, like me, ooodles of sheets of this stuff knowing that,when you bought it, you would make something extra special with day.
But you didn't did you?
No, cos neither did I.

Until one day when I had to create a class using a shed load of vellum that did not inspire me one jot. I racked my brains for days until a sheet fell on the floor next to my cuttlebug. "HELLO?" I thought and a class was born. Now thats what I call angelic healing!
Im sure it wasn't me the creative angels chose to be the bringer of all vellum makeovers; I bet someone else has used this idea a thousand time before me but for me, a new creative world of vellum use was born for me - and the made me feel like I hadn't wasted money of soemthing thatlay in a dark corner; all neglected and unloved.

I have felt the need to share this video because I sense, too, that your vellum has been hiding at the bottom of a pile of paper and left to one side waiting to be used for some stroke of genius to happen.

**In the video, at 00:00 I meant to say bend and not fold........just so you know**

I shall be attuned to the nations crank of synchrinised die cutters with relish after you watch the viral!


Sue Ramsay said...

Thanks for that Kirsty, I thought I was only the one with a million and a half sheets of the lovely stuff! Was perplexed as to why I couldnt find my text message, then you said it was himselfs phone - we have the same message tone it seems lol. xx

angie's blogspot said...

lovely demo, believe it or not I must be the only crafter in the world who doesn't have any velum, think I once gave it away, I'll have to buy some now, How did you make the frame? x

Boo said...

What a pillock!! Me, not you Kirsty lol. I only looked around for my phone as I thought someone had sent me a message. Then you piped up that it was Mark's! *snicker*

Jet said...

Great tutorial and thanks for giving me a reason again to use my velum again too :-)!

Henriƫtte KB

Terrie B x said...

Beautiful....I love vellum.....
Gorgeous photo TFS:)xxx

sabulous said...

Lol, guess quite a few of us have that message tone, I also checked my phone!
Thanks for that tutorial, have loads of vellum I never use...!

Dolly said...

Fab idea, tfs. Sure I've got some vellum somewhere. will be giving it a go. :)xx

FauxPainter - Dee Paramour said...

Fab tutorials kirsty, I wonder just how many people did go and get their vellums out, he he.

Luv Dee xxx

Anonymous said...

aw,man-youre a star!
The new cuttlebug range came in at work-ive bought most of the folders already!,if only I owned a cuttlebug.....*snigger*
Thanks for the inspir,Northern Chick!
Love to the CurlyGirl
Lulubelle x