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19 Jan 2010

Basic Inking makeover

I'm sure you have seen this technique a gazillion times before but I love using my inks to transform cheaper white card into a luxurious colour finish - without raiding my bazzill.My favourite quote in the world is depicted on this tag (one of many I want to leave as inspiring quotes for my Belle) but rather than always cutting into precious 12x12 all the time, I cut into cheaper white cardstock and ink to my liking.

Hope you find the tutorial of use (there is also another quick trick on the video too - transform the look of flat, punches/due cut flowers)

Cuddle up and have a cosy night in .... more snow is on the way xx

PS: So much for this - huh?
I seriously cannot believe the shareholders of this company (can't be British, surely) would allow a British institution like Cadbury's to be bought out. Bourneville and Cadbury World is a lovely place to visit - its a true vintage site that will probably end up in China now :(
Im still reeling about HP being bought out by a Dutch Company :(
Rant over.


Nina said...

Thanks for that Luv! I love that colour ink, might have to add that to my stash......

mommy2alex said...

I have been back and forth on getting Tim's blender thingy and now I KNOW I need one!! And the lil tidbit about the flower is fab - thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kirsty,

Thanks for the great tutorial, and I totally agree with your comment about Cadbury's. I actually went to the Bournville collage of art, right next to the factory. Its just not going to be the same. Another British industry gone!!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't disagree more...Kraft buying Cadbury's means that 500 people in Bristol keep their jobs instead of moving to Poland. And Bristol is the original home of Cadbury where the first chocolate bar was made 200 years ago!

sarah copeland said...

Kraft makes plastic into "food" - what will happen to our delicious British chocolate? :(