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22 Jan 2010

Bakin's to cure ricketts

There has been that much citrus pressing here tonight that none of us will suffer from either Ricketts or scurvy. We will be a little more rounded with cakey gloop sticking to our ribs yet content that our weekend guests shall have their cake and eat it.

Lemon Drizzle Crunch (recipe via HERE) I thought Mark was going to pass out at how moist the cake came out. I promise you that you will not fail with this cake.

Lime and Coconut tray bake via the amazing bird HERE . Going to confess that I had to use a lemon on top of lime as I didnt have enough. Lemons? Limes? Pah, both the bloody same.

I bake on account that I had a very very depressing day. Nothing went right. Nothing felt right. Nothing looked right. I hope I don't have a day like today for a long time. I deserve to be happy! I have worked so hard these last few weeks so after my tax return has been done next week, I am going to treat myself to a day out with me (if I can get out the door after eating citrussy cakey lardy goodness!)

PS: Happy birthday to 3 of my friends who share the same date: Nikki, Jane and Regan. All my aquarian friends are lovely. Us Aquarians are a strange old breed :)


Katy said...

oh man alive Kirsty did you have to post those pictures, im on a diet and dribbling, i even had to enlarge the darn picture lol.

Much Love Katy xx

Jane Beatty said...

I would love to have the coconut and lime tray bake as it looks so good. I baked Debbie's lemon cake and that was really yummy!!!

Anonymous said...

You totally WICKED woman this is just too good not to try ;0)
Hugs n hope tomorrow brings a better day xx Tracy

Katty Bell said...

Oh Cripes! How am I s'posed to resist?
Hey petal, I'm a nutty Aquarian too! My B'day is 26th Jan :)

Carmen said...

Ohhhh I'm following Debbie's recipes too and have all the ingredients ready for that lemon cake - we are making it today. Yummy yum yum yours looks TASTY!

Heather said...

temptress!! they all look soooo good :(
Its my birthday tomorrow so Happy Birthday for yours too - sorry to miss it!!!


ohhhhhh that birthday girl Jane sounds fab!!.....
ok ok yes its me but we all need someone to think we are great from time to time..


Creative Treasures said...

I hope tomorrow brings a better day. Those cake recipes look so scrummy, will definately be trying the lemon drizzle :)


beksynormz said...

I just baked that Lemon Drizzle Crunch and it is gorge!!! Thanks for the inspiration xx ps keep the vids coming I loves em!!! xx

Jo E said...

Baked that Lemon Drizzle cake for our tea tonight. There were only 3 and a half of us but there are only 2 slices remaining! This one is going into my recipe book to make again. Happy Birthday Kirsty. Hope Sunday proved better than Saturday. xx

*reyanna klein* said...

Mmmm.... my Great Grandmother used to make a lemon cake like that. But you know what her secret ingredient was in the batter before baking?! Brandy! Perfection. Seriously. :-)