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27 Jan 2010

Back to the bare bones of basics

Pull ring cans?
You use em?
Don't toss them out for recycling.
Toss them in your craft room for re-purposing.
I know this is barely revolutionary but bloody hell, come on! I have pens, pencils, scissors, markers, tools, sticks, wire and all sorts that need pretty storage and I have 12 cans needing decoration like these. This is blue peter in its earliest form! The basics are the best!
**pens courtesy of Sakura who have just sponsored me
for a magazine article, thank you**

For a standard (uk) heinz baked bean/spaghetti hoops tin
10.3cm x 26cm of patterned paper, stick it up with double sided tape and wazz on a can.
Decorate the edge with a simple ribbon bow or whatever you like.
PS: Pull ring cans are better, no real nasty edges although you might wants to sand the ring pull edges now (I didn't).

Im away tomorrow for a screen test. Ive had a screen test before and whilst it wasn't a super duper one (basically because I was a bag of spanners and nerves) this one should be a breeze. I also get to book a date to sell my new CD whilst Im there. Yippy skippy.


Rosie (Freycob) said...

Woop woop!! Go screen them to death chick!

And as for being sponsored by Sakura.... you jammy cowbag! HAHA!


Jo E said...

Go Kirsty, go Kirsty, go Kirsty! I'm sure you'll blow them away.

Lynda said...

You've had lots of practice now with your tutorials - go knock their socks off and just have fun!

Love Lynda xxx

Katty Bell said...

Yaay! You go girl!
Hope your head feels better.
Good luck, sweets.x
PS.... be sure to let us know how it all goes.

Di said...

Oh what a fab reminder of how to use those cans! Going to do me some. Thanks, Kirsty. Oh and I'm wondering if a little bit of masking tape (or similar) on the inside (where the lid came off) would also help re: smooth sides? We'll see.

*reyanna klein* said...

Oh, these are adorable! I keep cans and bottles and all kinds of things... to alter. I should probably start altering or just throw stuff away! LOL.

You did an awesome job on these! :)

p.s. I miss you. :)

Jenny said...

Ah the simple crafts are the best, these look lovely with the spotted paper.

Lizzie said...

Good luck with the screen test. I'm sure it'll go squimmingly!

Thanks for the can-hint - why didn't I think of it first?

Congratulations on the sponsorship!

Heather said...

love this idea! gonna have a go tomorrow morning. thanks for the idea :)

Helen said...

How very spooky Kirsty, you must have read my mind, I have a bean can on my desk awaiting inspiration. I love your spotty version.

As for a screen test - how spine tinglingly exciting. I am so jealous!

Blessed Ladybug said...

very nice.. thanks for sharing.. this womderful idea....