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26 Jan 2010

3 things of beauty

Oooooooo I have had the migraine from hell today.
It made me feel worse than death.
I dont like them and its not fair that I am getting them more frequent.
In between the twisting knife pain in my eyes, I allowed myself time on the 'puter for a couple of minute bursts to take in some beauty.
First of all there is Suzi Blu. She is so much fun and so so talented that I decided to take her Les Petit Dolls course (courtesy of my wonderful mum who paid for the entire course for me for my birthday). I plan to deck the hall with beauteous mixed media art of my family by my own fair hand.

Secondly, Tim Holtz new dies. Holy crap. Im definitely buying the bird cage. I can see a million projects with that baby
And thirdly........... my long awaited dream experience landed on my desk this afternoon, from Mark for my birthday (Birthday not until Feb by the way....all this early birthday stuff is making me open my arms quite welcomingly to 39 years of age)
He has bought us a trip to London (first class return, which is cheaper than second class if you book in advance!) in a 4 star hotel with tickets to Les Miserables in the evening for a mere snip. We do love to bargain hunt in this house and we very much got the deal of the century on everything he has booked. We are superlsueth bargain hunters who deserve a nice break from hours on the net.


Anonymous said...

Kirsty. Do you have a gas fire/heating? It was only when we moved to a house with solid fuel fire/heating (yeah! I know - the mess and dust!), that I realised it was gas heating that had caused my migraines? Loving your art..... HeyJude! xx

Sarah (UKS Smelly) said...

Hope you feel better soon.

I have to cut oranges (and Juice), strong cheese and chocolate out of my diet to reduce migraine. Also if you work back, see if you had a lot of bread or wheat in your diet, it all builds up as well.

Hope that helps

Di said...
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Carmen said...

Jealous doesn't even cut it. I have been wanting to do a Suzi Blu class for about a year... been so close to hitting that 'buy now' button so many times I've lost count now. Might have to bite the bullet and go for it, you are the second person in a matter of days that's mentioned it and the instant "awwwwww, s'not fair" reaction should tell me something eh?

Love that Tim Holtz die - will look out for that one, have fun at Les Mis. My birthday in Feb too but I will still be a spring chicken, just turning 33 *evil snicker*

katy said...

You'll love Suzi's class Kirsty, I took Rodeo Girl last year and I definately want to take more classes with her, her videos are fab ! Enjoy :) x

*reyanna klein* said...

Oh, wow!!! What a great hubby you have! That sounds fabulous! I would LOVE to see that some day. I LOVE the soundtrack... well, the three songs I've heard from it... LOL. :D

Cazzy said...

I also get migraines, sometimes they last for days, but it seems to help to get my thyroid meds right. There are supposed to be three triggers together to get a migraine, so people say chocolate, or oranges, or cheese, but with me tiredness, maybe the smell of rubber, maybe something I ate too will do it. Haven't figured out exactly and have suffered from the age of 8.

Your birthday treats are so scrummy, would love to get that sort of advance "surprise".

Cazzy x