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4 Jan 2010

2010 - a whirlwind thus far

I love and loathe being away from the pooter.
Love because I'm not scouring every ounce of colour and design and goss at stupid o'clock and loathe because i cant keep abreast of what the hell is going on. I'm an input freak....I thrive on input!
We spent new years at my sisters house with my brother and his wife joining us the day before new years eve. My sister made the most amazing beef wellington (i have to hand it to her - she is the queen of beef welly). She bought a rather fine piece of fillet beef (or is that a cow tongue?) and had this dire urge to make dinner in her new rainbow sparkle shoes which she got in the sales. I will make excuses for her kitchen (she lives in RAF officers quarters) - she hates that kitchen with a passion but obv can cook v v well in it.

This slow shutter speed ensures my sisters hands are caught wizzing as she dishes out welly
After dinner, we play a board game called The Really Nasty Horse Racing Game. I don't play nasty but you have to do things in order to win. I didn't like doing it but in the end I won so therefore I had to play mean cards to my loved ones. Ooooh, the scruples!

yummy puds!

On NYE, my sister and I went looking at houses in her area. In Lincolnshire you get more bang for your buck and I have to say that its all so inviting.............. you may watch this space ;) After a good trek around some beautiful housing estates, we called into a local pub to the delight of Ellie who thinks coke an crisps for lunch are a real treat and a half

A very special and a rare opportunity to be with my bro and sis
On NYE evening we let some fireworks off for the kids at tea time as the hail came tumbling down. I noticed Ellie had a perfect shaped flake in her hair and although it didn't photo very well, I did get excited about it more than the pfffft bang whoosh of the piddly fireworks.
NYE was a fairly quiet affair with nice company and plenty of chavvy taboo and lemonade. 2010 came into our hearts with such warmth :)

NY day came and we travel over to my parents house who had just returned from Egypt. I wanted to celebrate a Christmas with family too (we spent crimbo with the in laws this year and whilst it was lovely, its just never the same as my family's). So my mum and I made Christmas dinner with a wonderful turkey crown and best pork fillet with all the trimmings (including grotty sprouts) and a good time was had by all.

I dressed the turkey with sliced fruit and honey to ensure the meat was juicy, tasty and zingy all in one

I even faffed artistically with the prawn cocktail - yum!After 6 hours of prep, christmas dinner MKII was over too soon ......... but we loved it.

We pretty much vegged out over the NY festivities plus I had a crazy deadline to carry out so it meant me being particularly frugal on the free time front although I did squish up on the sofa to do so. This lil fella snoozed and smooshed the whole visit long.

Rather than me jumping from subject to incident and situation from our Christmas break - Ill share a few photos and just ham out a few lines to explain my fairly rushed but thoroughly enjoyable crimbo. This picture is of Belle absolutely enthralled with the snow on a wintry poochy walk one night last week.

This baby swan is sat on a very frozen lake. I feel so sad for them out in the cold but fortch the wardens care for them deeply and that warms my heart a little.

Mark and I at my MIL for crimbo dinner.....Ellie is two seats away piled under a mountain of turkey!

Christmas at our house is always weird. mainly because when I was a child Id be up at the crack of stupid oclock to rip open my pressies. Ellie gets up at something like 9.30-10am and is quietly excited but in no immediate rush!

One of her most prized presents was a rock finding thingy that she BEGGED me for after she had seen it in a relatively cheapy shop. The damn thing only cost £2.99 but to her it was worth the world. She loved it immensely. I rather like to think that Ellie is spiritual as she has a penchant for Rose Quartz and other gems and rocks. When we lived near Stonehenge in Wiltshire a while back, she would create mayhem by literally pleading with her life to go and visit the stones at sunset. My girl, I feel, has been on this planet before...........I know it. Anyway, here she is and I must go and buy her another one for all the fn she had with it

Have to say, though, the gems were miniscule but she ADORES them and has them in a special pouch for safe keeping.

The dog got a couple of gifts and here he is pulling a rather expensive Kong toy from his gift bag which he demolished within 20 minutes. The little toad.

A couple of other things I found on my camera are these pictures from a christmas fair I did with Jane. I did a number before Christmas to try and make a little pin money. I enjoyed them all and the thrill of peoples faces when they saw these face cloths which were fashioned into swiss roll and cup cakes

A few more pictures I have found are of Ellie looking absolutely eyelashingly delish

Ellies wild hair during a night out in Liverpool. We went to Waggamammas again (my fave delish restaurant haunt these days)

Liverpools new "eye" had been erected that night.........isn't it pretty?

Liverpool one is a lovely corner of a relatively thriving city

Back to the food - this pud was heavenly. It even had chilli in it which added a tantalising twist on the sweet and sour of the pud in its entirety

Belle negotiates the kids chop sticks with ease

Tonights dog walk including Mark being incredibly brave/stupid/crazy (you pick - btw, he is stood on the lake!). Actch, it was very solid and the paths were ridiculously treacherous underfoot too.

Talking of ice, I found this picture that Rosie took of me holding up a shard of clear ice which our girls had taken immense delight in freeeing from a small pond. I wish we could bottle up the delight of children poking stick in ice

I also have emptied photos from my phone which I had twittered over the holidays myself in various hats and guises ........I thought Id share them here as Im unlikely to scrap them or have further use for them except share with you my magnificent hat collection

Me in my new coat which I swallowed up in the sales. Reduced from £50 to a ridiculous £12.50

Me, sporting curls (I think mark feel in love with again, the crazy old fool). This resulted in buying a curling iron to replicate the style that was achieved in 2 minutes by 4 tong wielding shop assistants in a shopping mall before christmas

Me pointing at snow! Have I ever seen it before? Not really, not in the last 6 years with the staying power of more than 3 miutes, anyway.........

Wrapped up on the sofa in my new derssing gown. Bold and spotty, just like a brave pudsey bear.

And finally, my sticky honey and lemony chicken which I call sticky licky chicken.

you will need the following to make the marinade:

5-6 tablespoons of honey
A whole lemons zest and half its flesh and juice but not pith
1 inch of ginger, smashed
1 clove garlic crushed
1 tbs brandy or red wine vinegar
1tbs of course mustard
(make more if it seems too shallow for your chicken portion)

mix all the above in a bowl, shove a pile of raw chicken in to marinade and leave for 4-6 hours (longer if you like a tangy infusion). Transfer all the marinade and meat into a casserole dish and cook open in an oven at gas mark 5 for 30-35 minutes. Serve with rice and scoff until you cannot possibly shove another morsel in your gob. YUM!

Going to recouperate after that marathon blogathon!


Darcy said...

great pics as always. I did the sticky chicky, popped all the ingredients in a sandwich bag(sealable, cos otherwise i would have had a sticky kitchy) and shook it furiously (to music) then dumped it in the fridge for a couple of hours,served it with roast tatties and vegebubbles.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a brilliant New Years. Lovely photographs as usual. Houses are a bargain in Lincoln 'cos there isn't much work..... And PLEASE PLEASE don't let Mark stand on the ice on the lake.. You just never know. Don't mean to be a spoil sport, but..
Happy New Year to you all. May it bring all you desire.
HeyJude! x

kirsticoo said...

Looks like you have had the most fantastic festive season ever Kirsty... Your photos are brilliant....x

Linby said...

great photos - I WANT your sisters shoes!

Lil' Ol' Me said...

Great photos Kirsty and lots of fun had by all me thinks. We went to Brighton for a few days but the snow had gone, we only had a little snow here before we went and yesterday they promised heaps...we had none. HOWEVER its now snowing here! Yay, I am a happy mummy x

Debsg said...

Awesome pictures. You always make me smile Kirsty. Love the swiss roll.

Marion said...

OK you win. Your massive blog post has beaten mine - and there were pictures!
I think picture number one must be the funniest of the decade.
Keep entertaining us!
Marion x

mommy2alex said...

Thank you, thank you for the recipe...cannot wait to try it!!
LOVE hats too, yours are delish!
Looks like your family had a wonderful holiday...hope 2010 continues to be wonderful for you and yours! :)

Anonymous said...

ive tried your sisters shoes on at least 4 times,on seperate occasions wanty!
Happy New Year, Wisemen....
Love to the curlygirl
Lulubelle x

Deborah said...

Eddy and Ellie - gorgeous; sister's shoes - wow; curly hair with grey hat - fab; swan - so beautiful; face cloth cakes - brilliant! [applause]

Jan C. said...

I have to comment on Ellie's love of rocks, because my dearest hubby is a geologist. Two of his favorite rock expeditions were to the Lake District and to the Gros Ventres mtn. range in Wyoming (US). We have gorgeous rock samples all over our yard, and he's kept a "lucky rock" in his pocket since he was Ellie's age. Sounds like they are kindred spirits.

hello gorgeous said...

while it is a fine looking piece of meat Kirsty, somehow it is a little bit creeepy! LOVE the spankly shoes - who wouldn't want to cook in 'em! And don't ya know lime is ALL the rage now so your sis is bang on with her kitch!

As ever elle's pics are awesome and her gems look beautiful - what a find! ;o)

You look like you had a fab time over chrimbo and new year but I have to say I'm with you on the "ripping open of chrimbo pressies at an obscene time of the day" - usually a minute after santa has been!

love, hugs and snogs

Sue xxx

hello gorgeous said...

oh! and another thing, the blog was So long I've forgotten the other things I LOVED - the swan: needs a cuddle, the cupcake and swissrole: ingenius, maark on the lake: needs rescuing, bargain coat: awesome!


twinkletoe said...

Oh thanks so much for the recipe. Love your blog - you are so funny!!

Tip Top said...

Hehehe! I saw the New Year in with Taboo and lemonade too heheheh!!! A very under-rated drink if you ask me!

Lauren said...

Looks like you are having a lot of fun!

At first I was excited at the idea of the new board game, but then I reread what you wrote about it and took a closer look at the photo - no one looks happy playing the game. So I am curious, did you actually end up liking it or not?

Happy new year!

Anonymous said...

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