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15 Dec 2009

She shall be kissable and lovely

Emma - prepared to meet thy lip saviours.
Emma is the winner of my slick giveaway from Friday....give it up for Emma **rapturous applause from everyone, everywhere**

And to make the post a little more grand, here is another shot of my littley from yest. Ive got more shots to share that will no doubt bore you all to death. Rosies and her daughter, Freya, are sadly missed by myself and my munchkin :( But we have some photos of them to remember our lovely weekend by.


Pat said...

How stunning is your daughter! Beautiful pic x

Emma - A crazy crafter said...

ooohhhh! I got really excited when I saw my name and then I clicked on the link and realised it wasn't me. Oh well maybe next time.

Emma xx

Rosie (Freycob) said...

I've yet to put the piccies onto my lappy chick. Far too busy Sunday with preparing for school yest and then last night with Jacob's enrolment - he looked so smart and proud of himself!

Sharon said...

Kirsty - fab picture - it looks as if it's come straight out of the pages of a fashion magazine - absolutely stunning!

Sandie said...

Congrats Emma!!

What a gorgeous picture Kirsty :)

Wedgie said...

Congratulations Emma - you lucky thing!

Beautiful photo too. x

FauxPainter - Dee Paramour said...

Gorgeous pic as ever. So glad you had a fab time with Rosie. Special times make for special memories.

Luv Dee xxx

Heidi said...

What a gorgeous picture, Kirsty! From that angle, Ellie is all curls and lips! Too cute!