Ladies Camera Club

9 Dec 2009

Prints available to buy

Ive now got my prints packaged and ready to buy.
If you like, nip over to my shop and have peek. Each A6 print has been professional litho printed on 240gsm silk finished card. They can be put in frames, on fridges or be sent as postcards. Based on the 2nd world war poster that "never was", this keep calm range is an inspiration to everyone, everywhere.

Fun day planned tomorrow and parents evening. I already have been warned of Ellie's soul destroying news, will fill you in more once the evening closes.


Bettyann said...

My prayers go out to you and your family..take care..

Anonymous said...

"..soul destroying news..." What can I say except that I hope everything works out fine. HeyJude! x

Hysteri-CAL said...

....... love the cake one !

Linby said...

got them, got them, got them ...fabby all of them - thanks Kirsty

Jo E said...

Off to the shop now.... been waiting for these babies! Jo