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24 Dec 2009

Perfect Snow Walk

Cue snow - like, lots of it.
Add one pooch who needed a good trot around the park.
Visualise two adults dying to see how a low bellied pooch with zero legs can handle the blanket of snow.
Imagine asking your 60 odd year old in-laws to come trekking in the snow, too, only to turn up with a sledge bodged up in 20 minutes also armed with hot toddy warmer and 15 layers of clothing between them.

Be grateful they had one of these to take us there

Realise that said 60 year olds (one nearer 70) are suicidal on the kamikaze of snow runs on said sledge and enjoying every second of it.

Picture one 38 year Mummy holding on to her poochy whilst hubby rides pillion on excellent 20 minute made sledge; screaming her head off.

Laugh at how sore we are from running back up that hill with heavy yet sturdy 20 minute manufactured sledge that was the best addition to the entire "walk".

Relish in the wonder of nature on a cold and frosty afternoon

Pity the poor pooch who has never stepped foot in the snow but left plenty of reminders that he was "here"

Feel the love between my pooch and my MIL - pure adoration

Wonder why one 14 year old would rather stay at home in her jammies and miss out on all the fun.

Be envious that we return home, sodden, to a parcel of Brownies from this crazy gal and a hot cuppa to accompany them.

Fab day.
Fab, fab day.

And more snow fun to be had :)

PS: MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL. Be safe, be happy, be pudgy chunky fatty liscious from over indulging.


Anonymous said...

Seasons Greetings Kirsty (and family of course) This is what Christmas is all about surely? Although I think Belle was quite right too, to stay home in her Jimjams. Have a lovely one. From my home to yours. x HeyJude!

Sarah xx said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours Kirsty - this looks like fabby fun! xx

Jan C. said...

Merry Christmas, Kirsty! I so enjoyed your pictures. Here in Cincinnati, Ohio, we have had hardly a lick of snow yet this year, so it's green grass and rain all around for us today. I am living a white Christmas vicariously through you!

Jet said...

And a very merry Christmas to you too, and to your entire family of course!!
Great pictures of pure fun, love them. We have snow too and so much of it, isn't it just great!

Henriƫtte KB

Deborah said...

Wonderful snowy pics. Sounds like a great day. That hat really suits you. Oh, and loving Eddy's leotard. :-)

Cambiel said...
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Cambiel said...

Fantastic photos Kirsty. I can feel the fun you all had. What a wonderful day it must have been.
Happy New Year to you!