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16 Dec 2009

Panic buying **edited with giveaway**

Don't panic, you have plenty of time to buy some of these lovelies from THIS amazing shop - you can even order up to 21 dec for a crimbo delivery :) Delivery is super cheap if you are buying a good wodge full of last minute gifts.

Here are some of my faves but be warned - the site is ram packed full of delish things to drool over and some at pocket money prices too.

Egg stand from the french chateau collection. I can see Marks eyeballs resting in here after I have gouged them out with a spoon

I am in love with these ceramic finish metal birdies

A delicious butterdish that will, inevitably, break your teeth should you decide to take a bite

Pizza slices will look so much more appealing this these fab pizza plates

Oh I have to have this - Mark, buy me this or you will I will bludgeon you to death with a blunt instrument

And of course, for frying sausages (but not sausage dogs) ....I dream of owning this

Simple pleasures like these slate notice boards delight my heart. I will leave messages of disdain to my family such as "CLEAN UP YOUR TEA DRIPS AND CRUMBS" but obv in very small writing as its a small slate notoce board, ok?
More French Chateau schtuff that I have to have and display my gorgous wares upon

If I dont have this for crimbo from Mark, I will buy it myself anyway and chop up his body parts and wedge then in that drawer

I have always wanted a cake saver to keep flies off my cuppy cakes in the summer. Also it will have a sign attached reading "Hand off my buns, you stealy little thiefs"
I have to have these too - pears make me happy. We all own a pair, we should appreciate the pear! ;)

Off to go and cry over what I won't be getting for christmas as I already have my two front teeth.

Happy Shopping, even if its through the virtual window ;)


You have GOT to go HERE for a chance to win something very GORGEOUS



greyparrot said...

I have those metal birdies in the bedroom, they look gorgeous hanging on my shabby chic shelf :)
I need one of those egg baskets but doubt it will fit my 60 eggs-my chooks are still in full laying mode!

Mimi Hornberger said...

OMG! You are sooo FUNNY! I love many of your choices however, I live in the US. Do you know the translation in price? I really am addicted to 3 tier stands and the pink one you have shown is to die for! XO, Mimi

mommy2alex said...

Ooooo, I hope you get all of those, they are just divine!!!
Those birdies and pears would be so cute as a garland with bits of fabric scraps, yummy!

Anonymous said...

bloody nutty Northern Chick-does Mark know that his 'nads are on the line if he doesnt visit that site and cripple your postman RIGHT NOW???
love to the curlygirl
Lulubelle x

*reyanna klein* said...

I LOVE that vintage organiser!!! Ohmigosh! LOVE it! And those pears! And that frying pan! OH! YUMMY! :D Thanks so much for sharing these things!

Sandie said...

Love that frying pan!! And the french cabinet that you aim to stuff mark's body parts in.. lol