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5 Dec 2009

Looky whats I gots

I was forever in thought that this little box would never turn up on my doorstep again.
When I did see it there (this am), all forlorn and awaitin a good ripping-open, I practically wept with joy. For starters, it was a total suprise. and you know, leaving Studes was the craziest thing I ever did.
I think everyone I know knows it and secretly, they laugh and point fingers! I know becaase I feel their point of shame! LOL or maybe not so LOL. Sniff sniff.

So I open it and dribble over all its contents. Like I used to do.
But this time was different and this time was all so new and exciting.
Because Studio Calico have launched their own line of papers, stickers and embellies to the scrapworld at large.Its so kitschy 1950's chic with cut-outables, rippables, stickables and lickables. Its like they have cornered a line like no other. The likes of Jenny Bowlin is pure vintage, BG is way out and Sassafrass are getting a tad more punky and punkier and Hambly are just "there" - you know, cool "there". Now there is Studio - all dapper and fresh and overwhelmingly satisfying.

I wonder which UK store is going to have these piled on their shelves? I wanna know, cos I'll need more of the woodgrain alphas and thestickers, starting from tomorrow. I have brochures if any UK shop owner is reading this, I'd be happy to post to you :)
Ahem! Soooooooo, as you can see I did a lot of product kissing today- all down to my silky smooth lips from overdosing on mince pie flavour lip slickers ;)

Ok, bed.


twinkletoe said...

Kirsty - you are just so funny. I love you!!

Kim Dellow said...

Oooo that looks fab! Kim

Sandie said...

Have fun Kirsty (it might be an idea to stop drooling on the products now hun!!)

Anonymous said...

I miss your gallery!!!! Maybe you can come back to SC and just say you needed a short break. ;) :)

Anonymous said...

oh how i long to be one of your calico kits!!!! pbb

Fluffy said...

Is that the new "drool" embellishements I can see?? thanx for the giggle xx Tracee

Angela W said...

That is so awesome! I know you will enjoy it all! You are missed at SC!

cannycrafter said...

So how come you got this???? I am so green with envy!!! Why don't you stock this in your shop!!!

Sasha Holloway said... how much do they charge you for shipping .. we are going to be on a military base .. us territory so just wondering ..