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7 Dec 2009

Its all random

I am meeting myself coming back, here.

Firstly I have to add the pain of typing my blog right now. I have a bluetooth mac keyboard and when I press "r" is types "ru". When I type "f" it types "fj". Plus a whole host of other weird combos for touching one letter. So I'm having to make major edits before I post the blog. When I was scripting my blog last night to make it super sleek (do you like?) I spent most of my time deleting the extra lettering that the keyboard is feeding the screen. I think I'm going to have to replace the damn thing.

So anyway. Been going through my pictures on my little Ixus camera and came across these. Belle and I have been enjoying the dry nights by walking the dog. We get to wind her down after school, empty all her thoughts and problems out before we go home and snuggle with a coffee. Its been such a lovely process and I'm hoping some dry nights will come more often so we can do this frequently
Friday night was spent watching "Im a celebrity". My girl looks forward to that programme every November and this year was brilliant. It meant she had late nights but she woke up for school like an angel and gave her fuel for gossip at school.
On Saturday we went for a geocache geek meet event. Cachers in this area organised a meet up at a local pub so we went out for lunch and perhaps chat to cachers about recent finds. The theme was to wear silly socks so we all wore our most hideous numbers and took 3 sock monsters with us. It was a total disappointment because it seemed them event was geared around a particular clique that we were not privvy to even though the event was an open invite. That truly did not phase us for the most part as we got to spend precious time together at one of those fancy "table, table" chains.

Later on in the afternoon Ellie and I popped over to Leeds to meet up with my brother, his wife and my sister and her daughter, Charlotte. We all met at Nandos with other family members and ate chicken like it was going out of fashion. I love Nandos......the food is so gorge.

Such an attractive look, having to crane my neck to get in the pic
Even more attractiveness

My niece and brother are hilarious

So guess who lost two bottom teeth, then?

Angel Ellie, doing her own thing as usual

After that we popped over to my auntie's house to play on the wii and generally veg out. It was wonderful to be able to "pet" the tummy of my sister in law, Kerry, as she is 18 weeks pregnant. She is coming over with Leigh near Christmas for some nice preggy belly shots - I'm so excited for them.

My sister and I and Ellie and Charl ended up sleeping at the Premier Lodge near Leeds which the kids loved to death. Why do they love hotels so much? I think at breakfast we learned why - it was an all you can eat number and we stuffed our gullets until we could literally not shove another crumb in **burp**

And so to today - this is what I am dealing with - i hate it. Im am forever moving this room around to find a perfect function without having to shift this to get to that and vice versa. I need more space but am finding it hard to purge for the millionth time this year! I keep promising crafty makes so once this dump is tidy Ill sort my act out.

PLUS......Ive got blog background/header downloads coming very soon plus a whole number of digi downloads. Im so excited.


Bettyann said...

Love the new blog look..glad you had fun with your family...some people are still stuck at the clique mind set of elementary school...blah to them!!!

D@nielle said...

oooh this new look is sooooo cute ! You are a wizz ! sounds like you had a great time even if it felt like you were crashing and not invited !

Katty Bell said...

Lush blog!
Looks like you all had a great time (:
What's 'purge' is it a swear word?

Zoe said...

Lurvin the new blog, need to find out how to do this. Hate mine :(

Hope you got my email but just in case - GOT THE LIP SLICKS!!!! :) Lurvin them too!

Gotta say though - dry nights to go walking?????? Hasn't stop raining here for months.......nearly.

:) x

Fiona said...

Love the new look blog!! But ........... where did your recipes go (was looking for the chutney/pickle one!!!!!).

Rosie (Freycob) said...

The photograph of Ellie with her sock monster is beyond gorgeous! What beautiful eyes she has when she can bear to have them open. Those lashes are to die for....!

See you very soon!