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13 Dec 2009

Duckin and a divin

Ive got a lovely friend over to stay for the night.
Rosie is such a good friend and at the end of the phone if I need to laugh, cry or share news with.
I spent the night at her house in Jan and wanted to return the invitation to her one day thinking it might never happen because of the distance but today she came and what a super pleasant day we have had. She helped me with trade and my web shop orders and that was a tall order. Then we went to deliver the slicks and spent an afternoon mooching in a rather fabulous smelly candle shop whilst mentally spending a small fortune before we took our girls to an ice cream parlour on what was possibly the coldest day of the year. Then before the sunset we took the minxes to a new play area at my favourite recreational area.

Rosie, practicing getting the best ISO results here - we needed it, it was getting dark real quick

I am in love with this picture - the swans reflection on the inky lake and his partners reflection at the top right is just a happy little photo for me

This minx, oh this lovely girl loves the swings and has only recently learned to "to and fro" independently of late. Here is an anatomy of a crazy burst of delicious face pulling:
Not before long we were home to warm our tootsies and in our PJs by 4pm! And this evening we have crafted, scoffed, laughed and made use of each others ideas and suggestions on little trinkets to covet forever. I am definitely going to share those with you when daylight comes for me to take nice pictures.

Ive really enjoyed my weekend so far..........

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Anonymous said...

Just Love your Lipslicks, but I NEED to try every flavour!! Here's hoping.
Fiona x


Rosie (Freycob) said...

I had THE MOST WONDERFUL weekend in the Wiseman household. I cannot thank you enough for your hospitality and how welcome you made both Freya and myself feel.

See you for another sleepover at mine early next year!

Love and huge hugs.

Cazzy said...

Gorgeous swan shot Kirsty.

Cazzy x